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Your Money in Singapore Vaults

April 2nd, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Money Talks

Singapore is a very safe country in terms of securing your money. In fact, Singapore received an award of having the most excellent bank services in the globe. Also, Singapore has been known for its tight security when it comes to money.


Because Singapore is a nation that is financially stable, they use modern devices and equipment so that establishments most especially banks are well secured.

Here are the list of the few banks that offers good services to both Singaporeans and tourists.

  • United Overseas Bank – This listed as one of the top banks in the island and also in the world. Having problems with your business? Let UOB solve your problem. This bank offers loans, deposit and many more.
  • HSBC – This is a famous bank in Singapore. Here, they offer a wide array of banking and financial services. Actually, last 2009; HSBC is hailed by Global Finance to be the Best Corporate Internet Bank in the nation.
  • State Bank of India – In Asia, SBI has been awarded as the Strongest Bank. Actually, this is one of the biggest bank is India and it gradually enters its way to the international stage.
  • OCBC Bank – Licensed by Asian Banker as the Best Retail Bank in Singapore, it continues to develop and serve the people in the country. Recently, the bank was honored Excellence in Customer Relationship Management.
  • Barclays – Barclays PLC is the center of Asian private banking firm and their largest office is located in Singapore.

When it comes to banks, no country can surpass the excellent services that Singapore banks offer. Although most banks in the island are a renowned bank worldwide, still, the services they give to their customers is still the same.


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