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Why Singaporeans Go to Movies Often

July 20th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in Lifestyle Trends

Today, more people are watching movies on their computer through streaming. Some people even exclusively watch films online due to its convenience and range of options. However, why is it that most Singaporeans still opt to watch movies in the reclining chairs in the cinema instead of the comfy couches in their homes?

Matchless Enjoyment

Watching movies is definitely fun, but the place where you watch a movie also contributes to the level of enjoyment you’ll get after watching. The enjoyment you can feel after having watched a beautiful movie in the cinema is matchless. It’s a whole lot different kind of enjoyment compared to just being in the four corners of a very familiar place—your living room.

Perfect Entertainment

Unless you have an entertainment system at home that can support films in 3D, you won’t be able to fully appreciate a film that is intended for 3D viewing. While 3D is not the be-all and end-all of film appreciation, for a lot of movies (blockbusters in particular), 3D does heighten their quality. Plus, cinemas are built with excellent sound systems. Singaporeans go here because they get the full effect of the film they’re watching.

The Feeling of Being in a Crowd

Sure you can understand the plot of a movie even if you watch it alone at home. However, you will better appreciate the whole story if you watch the movie together with other people from all walks of life. How your co-watchers react to the scenes on screen will affect how you too will feel about it. This is especially notable in comedic and scary films, where scenes are designed to elicit palpable reactions from the viewers. Another joy of going to the cinema is when you come out after the movie and you compare how the other watchers enjoyed the film and discuss what you think about it.


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