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What You Need to Know About Influenza

June 26th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Health

There are many infections out there. Some are deadly, some are harmless but regardless of the nature of the infection, it is important that we consult the doctor right away. Singapore, however the modernity or “perfect medical” treatments we have, is still susceptible to infections and viruses. We should be vigilant because this can be the difference between life and death. Children and adults are all susceptible to infections. It is crucial that we read MOH’s (Ministry of Health) bulletin or medical news for outbreaks or better yet watch the television.


Our greatest tool is knowledge. We should learn how to deal with infections to increase our chances of survival. In this case, have you heard about influenza? Influenza is quite popular not only here in Singapore but also in Asia and around the world. Influenza is a flu but many people confuse this as a common cold. Influenza is more severe than common colds and at some point in time, it can be deadly. It is crucial for Singaporeans to know influenza. Here are some basic things that you need to know about influenza:


Influenza is spread by direct or physical contact. It can spread from one person to another through coughing and sneezing. Aside from that direct contact, influenza can also be spread indirectly through touching objects. Influenza is widespread around the world that if there are outbreaks reported on the news, airports are well guarded. If you may notice, airports are installed with thermal scans to make sure that influenza will not enter the country.



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