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What You Need to Know About Alkaline Water Ionizers

September 12th, 2017 | Posted by Editor in Health and Wellness

Investing on the right alkaline water ioniser machine is certainly the best way to reap the benefits that are associated with drinking alkaline water. With the different types of products and machines, it’s now easier to manipulate the pH level of your water. Nonetheless, finding the right filtration system that suits your budget and preferences could prove to be a bit challenging. To help you deal with that, we listed down some of the important attributes you should consider before coming up with a decision.

1. Price

An alkaline water ionizer could get pricier than usual, but the good the news is, its price may vary substantially. Although some could cause a few hundred bucks, there are also others that can be very affordable. If you are unable or unwilling to spend much for a water ionizing machine, simply opt for pH drops and a pitcher of tap or distilled drinking water. This will save you a good amount of money, but do remember that paying more will give a large quantity of already ionized water.

2. Appearance

Although its appearance won’t make or break a product, it’s never a bad idea to opt for an alkaline water ionizer with great aesthetics. Choosing an unsightly machine will force you to hide it after each use. If you want your filtration system to sit on your countertop for eternity, you need to ensure that its features a beautiful design and cool style.

3. Weight and Size

If you live a rather hectic lifestyle or is always on-the-go, then you need to invest in an ionizer that provides portability. These machines from in Singapore often vary in weight, depending on their design. A water ionizer’s average weight would be anywhere between nine to 12 pounds, with the cheaper brand leaning on the lighter side of scale. Of course, it’s only generalize and you will need to research more if you want to be sure about the size and weight of the machine that you should get.

4. Production Quantity

A Singapore household tend to drink a substantial amount of water each day, causing them to need a bigger quantities of water. If you live alone, however, then you might not need the same amount of water. To find the right water ionizer for your specific situation, you would want to consider your daily water consumption. If you tend to drink more water, you would want to purchase a machine that is capable of producing alkaline water more rapidly. If you will be the only one drinking the ionized water, however, then you could settle for a less productive machine.

5. Flow Rate

Another important that you should focus on when choosing a water ionizer is the unit’s flow rate. This will tell you how much alkaline water the machine is capable of producing within a certain period of time. Generally, it will be measured as litres-per-minute ration. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you choose a machine capable of producing a flow rate that can accommodate your and your family’s needs.

6. Installation Procedure

Each water ionizing unit is different and some tend to be more user-friendly than the others. If you are unskilled with your hands, then you would want to purchase a machine that comes with a simple installation process. If the unit’s installation process is too complicated, you might end up feeling frustrated before sending the machine back. If other consumers already complained about the difficulty of installing the water filter, then you are better off looking elsewhere. Some specific models need the assistance of a plumber during installation, which means your total expenses for getting an alkaline water could substantially increase.

7. pH Water Levels

Although it would completely depend on the machine in question, it’s crucial to know that some water ionizers are capable of producing water in various pH levels. Some offer seven different pH levels, while others provide more options. Opting for an alkaline water ionizer capable of determining the pH level that suits your precise needs would be a good idea, but this extra feature could increase the machine’s price to a certain degree. If you don’t want to add in any extra expenses though, ensure that you know what pH level you specifically need before deciding on which machine to purchase.

8. Chamber Cleaning

Most water ionizing machines are fairly simple and only require the basic maintenance procedures. However, it would still require you to put in some effect to keep the machine functioning and running efficiently. If you are looking for the most convenient water filter possible, then you would definitely want to choose one that instantly cleans the electrolysis chamber after every use. This feature is rather rare and could add up to the product’s price, but majority of the consumers in Singapore will definitely agree that it’s well worth the extra cost.

9. Carbon Water Filter

Not that familiar with water ionizing machines? If so, then take extra time to research on each component embedded into the machine. Although it may not seem that important, it’s crucial that you look into the unit’s carbon water filter since it will be in charge of filtering out impurities. Most of the newer water ionizers available in Singapore already have a built-in carbon filtration system, so you should have no problems finding a model that suits your specific needs.

10. Warranty

When you are scouring through the assortment of water ionizers in the market, you will find that most of them come with lengthy warranties. You could even find an alkaline water ioniser machine that is protected by a lifetime warranty. Opting for a machine with this type of warranty will certainly provide a great help in protecting your investment for an extensive period of time. Although it should not be the only factor you need to consider, it’s wise enough to put a huge emphasis on the warranty of your machine.

Enjoying the benefits of alkaline water starts with choosing the right water ionizing unit. So be sure to put the aforementioned factors into consideration to ensure that you cater to both your and your family’s drinking water needs.

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