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Tips for Flat Belly

December 12th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Fitness

You are doing your best to have a flat belly so when it is time to wear your gown for Thanksgiving or Christmas party, you will look stunning. However, it is hard especially with all the foods present throughout the holiday season. When you eat, you feel your stomach is fat and bloated. You do not need to feel that way.


You should eat without worrying about your belly. You can do something about the bloating that you are feeling. Here are some tips for flat bellies:

  • Avoid constipation: If you notice that your belly isn’t getting any flatter or better, you have to eat fibre because you might be suffering from constipation. Combine eating fibre (at least twenty five grams per day) and physical exercise (at least thirty minutes per day) so you will feel renewed.
  • Exclude lactose intolerance and wheat allergies: You are not aware maybe you are suffering from lactose intolerance or wheat allergies. It is important that you exclude the possibility of being lactose intolerant or if you have allergies. Your doctors will confirm this.
  • Eat slowly: Whether you are hungry or not, eating slowly has its reasons. If you eat quickly, you are not chewing your food properly and that will lead to bloating. The least that you can do is slow down and enjoy what you are eating.


  • Reduce carbonated drinks: You should know that carbonated drinks can trap the gas in your belly which leads to feeling of bloated. You have to avoid carbonated drinks. Choose water or you can consider water-flavoured drinks.
  • Do not consider chewing gums: Chewing gum can also lead to bloating. When you always chew, there is a tendency that you are swallowing air. If you cannot get rid of the gum, the least that you can do is alternate it with a candy so you only need to suck it.
  • Limit sodium intake: Highly processed foods are high in sodium. This can lead to a bloated feeling. If you are buying processed foods, read the labels and do not go further than 500 mg of sodium. If you can see “sodium free” or “low sodium” that would suffice.

Do not restrain yourself from all the joys of holiday season. You should feel the festive spirit here in Singapore and just enjoy the celebration as it is. If you have problems with your belly and you feel discomfort despite the effort, you have to see a specialist. There are many endocrinologists here in Singapore that you can consult.


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