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Things to Consider Before Getting an Investment Property

April 12th, 2016 | Posted by Editor in The World of Investment

Getting into the real estate business in Singapore has gained some attention lately and that’s because of the rumored huge return of investments if you engage into such business. However, getting an investment property isn’t just like a ticket that can make you rich fast, there are a lot of things that you need to consider and think about.


So here are some things that you might want to consider thinking about first before you get into a property management business and start investing in a property.

Are you really ready to invest in this business?

This is probably one of the most important questions that you should answer before you go and start thinking of buying an investment property. You have to keep in mind that investing into a real estate business isn’t suited for everyone and you might just end up wasting your money by getting into this kind of business.

Before thinking of investing into this kind of business, try taking a good look at your finances and see if the idea and cost of going into a real estate business would fit in. Property management businesses are not just about putting your investments into a property. If you really want to get into this kind of business then it would be better if you educate yourself first so that you can grasp the idea of what a real estate investing really is.

What is your plan in regards to your property?

If you’re planning on going into this kind of business then you better have a good plan with you. Some investors who venture in this business tend to lose the money that they invested due to the lack of planning. Think: “my estate needs to have a secure plan.” Coming up with a plan when you’re in this business can greatly aid in guiding you and your business to places where you want it to go.


What kind of property should you start with first?

Since you’re going to invest some time and money into this business, you should be fully aware of as to what kind of property to go for in a real estate business. Some of the good types of properties to get in Singapore would include well-maintained homes and personal residences that you can change into rental homes. You can also browse websites which have helpful info for condo manager in Singapore to gain more knowledge in this area. They are good choices since you can get the best return of investment from it because simply living in the place would give you an idea as to what necessary improvements you should do before you start selling it.

Is the estimate of the expenses of your investment accurate?

Most first-time investors tend to make this mistake wherein they underestimate the expenses brought by the property that they purchased. It’s true that most expenses would go to the maintenance of the property but there are also other expenses that you need to consider such as the utilities, legal fees, accounting, evictions, vacancies and capital improvements.

Can you finance your property?

They are a lot of ways that you can do to finance the property that you bought. You can get some financial support for it by simply getting a loan or a mortgage. If you chose to go with getting a loan then be sure that you are fully aware of the terms and interest rates on the loan that you took.

Do you have a good contingency plan?

Having a contingency plan beforehand can become helpful if ever your venture into this kind of business failed to work. Before buying a property, you should already know exactly what you’re gonna do with it. It’s actually a good idea if you can come up with different plans that you think would work best for your investment and see if any of your plans would bring you more profit.

Venturing into property management in Singapore especially in the field of real estate can be risky if all you want is to simply get rich in a quick way. Investing in a property is something that should not be done by impulse but by long-term planning.


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