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The Need of Singaporeans to Sleep

January 5th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Lifestyle

According to the report of the Philips Index for Health and Well-being, 35 percent of Singaporeans are not getting enough sleep. This makes an appalling impact on their physical and mental health.  Because of this reason, the Singapore Sleep Society and Philips, in cooperation with the World Association of Sleep Medicine, launch several campaigns to encourage the Singaporeans to sleep more and be conscious about all of the sleeping disorders that they may have.


What causes Singaporeans to deprive themselves from sleeping?

According to Dr. Lim, the reason why Singaporeans are not getting enough sleep is because, compared to working and being on the internet, they don’t feel like it is that important.  And since Singapore has an expeditious way of life, the sleeping disorder that they have is known as “voluntary sleep deprivation.”

What are the consequences of sleep deprivation?


  • It makes the heart weak. Those people who are not getting enough sleep have more chances of getting heart diseases and stroke.
  • It increases the production of stress hormones. Lack of sleep makes a person feel exhausted in doing an undemanding task.
  • It makes someone inactive. With no sleep, people feel sluggish. The energy levels are so down and mental alertness is shrinking.
  • It makes the memory debilitated. Not getting enough sleep makes the brain too lousy to construct our memories. Because of it, it makes a person hard to retrieve those memories in the future.sleep-3
  • It makes the body gain more weight. Those who sleep less have the odds of being overweight and obese. This is for the two hormones (Ghrelin and Leptin) responsible for modifying our appetite are affected.
  • It depletes energy. With not enough sleep, cells are not able to produce more proteins which are needed to repair damaged cells.

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