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Sole Searching: 6 Pairs of Shoes Every Guy Should Have

October 5th, 2016 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style

As a man of style, you should have a well-stocked footwear arsenal – solid options that’ll get you through every event and situation. But that doesn’t mean that you need to have a separate closet for your shoes. We’ve searched all over the market and tailored down a list of shoe essentials that no man should not live without.


  1. Leather Shoes

Every man should invest to at least a pair of shoes fit for formal wear. There are several types to choose from – brogues, bluchers, moccasins and oxfords to name a few. Keeping a pair of leather oxfords in your wardrobe will surely go a long way with all the formal events that you need to attend to. Opt for the brown ones since they can be easily dressed up or down. But a pair of black leather shoes isn’t that bad if you want to be extra fancy and classy for your night out.

  1. Rubber Shoes

Even if you don’t hit the gym regularly, don’t ever remove this classic kicks in your shoe options. There might be times when your friends invite you to exercise together, so it’s better to have this pair ready beforehand. Also, what’s amazing about these shoes is you get to wear it even outside the gym. After all, nothing beats the light and comfortable feeling that a rubber shoes can give.

  1. Sneakers

The weekends may be your downtime, but that doesn’t mean that your outfit should be as relaxed as your attitude. So keep your getup casual, but put-together by having a pair of old-school sneakers in your wardrobe. Subtle details, such as colour, material or type of laces, is what will set your kicks apart from what the other guys wear.


  1. Topsider or Boat Shoes

Here’s a pair that you can wear with most of your casual outfits and in any type of weather. Not only will it make you look awesome and cool, it’ll also save your feet from the sheer pain of wearing dress shoes. Boat shoes are great options to wear during the spring and summer season. But if you’re in a country like Singapore that doesn’t have winter and fall seasons, then go ahead and wear your boat shoes as you please.

  1. Slip-Ons

This pair has a little variation to your casual sneakers. It can even be a perfect alternative for it when you’re thinking of going to the beach since it’s easy to wear and to take off. Also, it’s capable of maintaining your style even if you’re at the beach. Slip-ons are perfect during the days where you don’t want to wear your boat shoes but still want to change up your style.

  1. Loafers

Loafers are the perfect go-to shoes if you want to be a bit more special with your getup. Penny or Tassel loafers give off a special vibe to your overall look. Even your simplest outfit will look rather dashy when paired with these kicks.

There’s no golden rule or formula when it comes to building the perfect shoe collection. Simply consider this list as your guide to creating a footwear collection that’s both timeless and versatile.


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