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Shaping Your Eyebrows

August 1st, 2017 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style

Eyebrows are a separate industry in fashion in beauty. Get to know the techniques used to shape eyebrows and find the best salons in Singapore which offer these services.

Eyebrow Fashion

The Egyptians used to shave their brows then darken them with galena as part of their make-up. The Greeks and Romans meanwhile preferred unibrows and painted them with soot or powdered mineral. Some even wore fake brows made from dyed goat’s hair.

China’s Tang Dynasty preferred dot eyebrows. Heian Japan shaved then redrew their eyebrows, while Medieval Europe preferred very thin eyebrows. When cosmetics became more common in the 20th century, brow styles changed often. In recent years, lower arches are the standard.

Shaping Eyebrows

The following are techniques to enhance and shape eyebrows.

1. Contouring – This is done by applying make-up to shape the eyebrows. Eyebrow shading is a market all on its own.
2. Tweezing – You can do this yourself at home with tweezers and a mirror.
3. Threading – This is a bit trickier if you’re doing this by yourself. You trap each hair in a lasso to pull it out.
4. Waxing – It’s faster than tweezing and threading but it can cause skin trauma and redness.
5. Tinting – The dye used in darkening light eyebrows are made from vegetables. It fades in six weeks.
6. Henna – A henna paste is applied to darken the eyebrows. It’s like staining the eyebrows temporarily.
7. Brow Enhancers – They come as serums, gels and oils that promote hair growth for those with naturally thin eyebrows.
8. Eyebrow Extensions – Extensions are placed one by one using surgical adhesive after an outline is made.
9. Microblading – This is one type of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. A very fine blade is used to cut and deposit pigments into the skin.
10. Hair Stroke Eyebrows – This is a permanent eyebrow tattooing technique done with the help of a machine with needles by creating hair-like strokes.
11. Powder Filled Eyebrows – Areas on the eyebrow are filled with pigments to make the existing eyebrows darker.
12. Feathering – The hair-like strokes are placed much closer to each other using needles then allowing the dye to penetrate the incisions.
13. Soft-Shading – It creates the illusion of a shadow by brushing pigments on the skin.
14. Embroidery Tattoo – It can be permanent or semi-permanent. A template is used to to shape the eyebrow then the top layer of skin is cut.

Best Eyebrow Salons in Singapore

1. Allure Beauty Saloon – Known for eyebrow embroidery.
2. Benefit Brow Bar – Book ahead to have your brows waxed or tinted.
3. Bonita Beauty Salon – Packages include eyebrow threading.
4. Browhaus – They have almost everything from threading to brow resurrection.
5. Cindy Yong – Specializes in eyebrow embroidery and enhancement.
6. Erabelle – Has an Erabrow category for both men and women.
7. Highbrow – Specializes in everything about eyebrows from waxing to embroidery.
8. Perfect Brow House – They have 6D creative eyebrow and embroidery.
9. Pink Parlor – They offer various services including brow waxing and tinting.
10. The Prestige – They specialize in eyelash and eyebrow products and services.
11. Rupini’s – First to introduce eyebrow threading.
12. Strip – Has a good reputation for their waxing techniques.

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