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Self-Dating 101: 5 Budget-Friendly Ideas

May 28th, 2016 | Posted by Editor in Love and Relationships


Taking yourself on a date is one of the best ways to get to know yourself better, as well as maintain some sense of independence if you’re already in a relationship. But what will you do if you’re planning to spend some ‘me’ time with limited funds? Here, we’ve listed some awesome self-date ideas even if you’re in budget.


  1. Enjoy a Wine and a Paint Night

While this is a fun activity for a girl’s night out, it can also be a great self-date idea for your ‘me’ time. You get to paint anything you want, which is relaxing and therapeutic, and drink a good wine at the same time. This activity is relatively inexpensive, and it doesn’t require for you to have any experience on painting – though it depends on the instructor. So make sure that you check this activity ahead of time to avoid any surprises or unnecessary stress.

  1. Drop By Your Favourite Coffee Shop and Write

If you enjoy going out for coffee, then this self-date idea is for you. But instead of simply sipping on your cappuccino, bring along your journal and write anything that you want. Whether you’ll write a story or journal the key moments of your day, writing will allow you to reflect within yourself as you enjoy your favourite drink. So grab a yummy beverage and your journal, and unleash your creativity from within.

  1. Set a Yoga Night

Can’t afford to enrol in a yoga class? Then grab a mat and check some good yoga videos instead. All you’ve got to do is follow along with the instructor, and see how calmer you’ll feel afterwards. There are a lot of excellent yoga videos on YouTube that accommodate various levels and styles. So just stream these videos, and enjoy your solo yoga session.


  1. Schedule a Movie Night

Yes, schedule a movie night but on your own. This means you can watch anything you want, from your favourite rom-com movie to that horror movie you’ve always been dying to watch. So get your popcorn ready, and snuggle with a cosy blanket. Just make sure that you wear you most decadent pyjamas, since you want to be as comfortable as possible.

  1. Attend a Local Event on Your Own

Most cities offer various events throughout the week, so check your newspaper or online publication to see what’s going on your area. We’re certain that you’ll find something that will satisfy your interests, such as mini-concerts and poetry readings.

Going on self-dates, even on budget, is one of the best ways to know yourself more. So keep these budget-friendly self-date ideas in mind next time you decide to spend some alone time.


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