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Mistakes That We Can Avoid During Marathon  

May 14th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Fitness | Sports

Marathon is not for the frail-hearted. We need endurance, strength and energy to move. It entails a lot of preparation too. Despite that, when we reach the goal, nothing can compare to the feeling of triumph. Many Singaporeans love marathon whether for competition or for hobby. In fact there are some Singaporeans who go out of the country just to join marathon races.


The dedication and will of marathoners are indeed commendable. If we want to embrace the life of marathoner, we can start by training. Training is rigorous and we can just stop if we cannot handle it but we will lose. We have to remember that experts were once beginners. The important thing is we do not give up.

After training, we should decide to join a race not to win but to test our limits and see which area we still need to improve. With that, it is right to know which mistakes we can avoid during marathon. Here are some mistakes that we can avoid:

  • Wrong shoes: Yes, there is such thing as wrong shoes. We will know it is wrong if it gives us problems. The perfect solution is to run various distances so we will know if that particular shoe is the right one. Over time, we will know the inadequacies of our shoes so we can develop a concept of the perfect shoes. If we are running long, it is best to change our shoes to a larger pair. Our feet may swell so larger shoes can provide comfort.
  • Overlooking the small problems: When we run, we have to acknowledge that a problem will arise and it is best to regard it as soon as we feel it. For example, we feel “hot spots” on our heel or Achilles but we overlook it. The “hot spot” will later become an unbearable blister. Some of us overlook small problems because we think that it is just minor but overtime, it will get bigger. We have to notice them early and do something that can fix it.


  • Dehydration: We have to know that running involves electrolyte imbalance which can lead to dehydration. Our body has a tolerance for this but there will come a time that the electrolyte will deplete which can affect the neurological and heart processes. The trick here is to manage our hydration.
  • Pace: Lastly, we have to consider our pace. Pace refers to how fast we move through the course given our physiology. Most runners take off too fast then lose the energy towards the middle of the race. We have to know our pace so we can understand how to move.

If we avoid these mistakes, we can surely make it. If we have a taste of one marathon, our spirit will long for more. The first race is important because it can make or break an experience.


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