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Long Distance Friendship – Keeping Your Friendship Alive

March 21st, 2016 | Posted by Editor in Relationship Sharing

Looking back it’s funny to realize that most of our friendships were made because we were in close proximity with these friends – neighbors, seatmates, classmates, club mates, schoolmates, etc. As we grew older, we started opening up to friends beyond our close proximity and chose them based on other more important factors. They say your old friends – the ones you’ve had since school days – are your treasure friends for they’ve known you the longest and before you became successful. But reality challenges this friendship as best friends start working miles apart and hardly see each other anymore.

If this is your case, here are some practical tips on how to keep your long distance friendship alive:

Constant communication

It’s a blessed thing that we’re living in a digital age where long distances are made shorter. Whether you and your best friend are separated by countries or only a few cities within Singapore, it’s always good to keep in touch. It’s a general rule in all types of relationships to keep an open constant communication. You can just say Hi and ask how the other is doing or even talk about your day.

There are plenty of ways to do this, too. You can text, call, email, Vibe, Skype – there’s many more so you choose.

Regular updates

Most friends are delighted to find that they’re still able to talk to each other the way they used to even when they’ve been apart for so long. This is well and good but keeping your friend on the other side regularly updated of the important happenings in your life is also advisable. After all, this friend has known you the longest so he/she will understand you well. Also, wouldn’t you want to have a constant witness in the story of your life?

Sending Surprise Gifts

We’re physically apart from each other so it would take an extra effort to show the warmth and affection from our friendship. A simple Thank You card or a birthday package sent when it was least expected will surely make our friend’s day. It’s always nice to be sweet and even nicer to show our friend how much we appreciate their friendship. Those with real friends are really wealthy. So take care of these real ones.


Setting Quality Bonding Time

Setting a date schedule when you’re friend when one of you is in town despite your busy schedule is a confirmation of your importance to each other and how much you each value your friendship. Time is the best gift we give to our loved ones. Plan to create more fond memories together, too, by going on road trips or beach escapades whenever possible.

Just Be There

The hit TV series said it well – just be there for your friend. You may not be there physically but knowing that you’re just there willing to listen and talk anytime is already enough. It’s always great to know that there are people who supports us in whatever we’re going through.


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