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Know the Secrets to Save Money in Singapore

August 8th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Money Talks

You can do many things in Singapore except for making the public messy. In Singapore, cleanliness is strictly ordered by authorities. Apart for being known to its cleanliness policy, Singapore’s goods and services prices are painfully high. That is why travelers that come from around the world must save money in order to survive.


Public Transportation

Car is one of the many forms of transportation in Singapore. However, it is expensive for other people. Because cars are luxurious for many, they tend to make use of any available transportation in the country. Contrary to many beliefs that riding buses taxis and trains are expensive in Singapore, travelling using this mode of transport is cheap compared to renting cars.

Shop at Dealer’s Store

If you have problems tripping to wet market, dealer centers will be the next option. Here, they offer affordable and ready-made foods. One of the best-sellers in this place is sea foods. However, a lot of tourists warn fellow foreign visitors about overcharging of some vendors.


Shop at Wet Markets

International cities like in Singapore mostly provide fresh and cheap foods. The name wet market, literally means wet because you are going to step on a wet floor. There are a lot cheap foods here; however, you might see it dirty as the ambiance is noisy and smelly.

Be Environment-Friendly

One of the tips to save money in Singapore is to know laws. In Singapore, gum chewing as well as spitting is prohibited in public. People who violate this law will be punished and fined accordingly.



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