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Improving Your Literary Taste Through the Classics

May 1st, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Literature

Nothing beats reading a classical book. When it comes to art and literature, we tend to become attracted with just the surface of the whole artistic world. What we read today is just a fraction of literary beauty and it is definitely true that to get something you want, you must ask for more. A peculiar theory that has turned out to be quite effective is that to get what you want, you must ask for a little more.

It may seem a bit bizarre if you think about it because how on earth is it possible for you to be able to get what you want by extending an extra mile since you’ve gone way past it? The theory comes from the saying “practice makes perfect” this saying has been accepted for a long period of time without question or second thoughts but then a somewhat ignorant but shocking response suddenly emerged.

The response goes like this, “but nobody is perfect, so why practice?” this sort of shocked people and some of them even digested this without hesitation. Thankfully, somebody came up with a response for this absurd question. The answer is “nobody is perfect and that is why you should aim for perfect because if you aim for perfect, you will miss the mark. You will end up becoming excellent.” This is why the word excellence is most commonly used in the academe instead of the word perfect.

Anyway, what does this have to do with classical literature? The thing about classical literature is that it is one step further than your average reading. There are so many things that make classical literature literally difficult to understand. You have to put into mind the setting, culture, and so many other factors when it comes to classical literature. Not everybody is comfortable reading something they can’t relate with but that is the real challenge, to be able to learn about something without having much in common.

This is why they say that reading broadens the mind. The more you read, the more you learn about different cultures, practices, and different people. Isn’t that why you started reading in the first place? To be able to travel, live, or observe another life? Classical literature may not be your common cup of tea, but if you don’t shock your taste buds every once in a while, you won’t be able to improve them.

Who on earth likes eating fried chicken for the rest of their lives, right? Improving your taste in literature means going beyond your boundaries and trying something new which is why classical literature is something you should try to read. Not only will the vocabulary and the setting of the books shock you, it will also help you understand as to how society functions. Despite culture, human beings haven’t actually changed that much.

The basic traits human beings used to possess back then are most likely the same traits people possess right now. Sort of like the saying, you usually meet the same people with different names and places. This is why meeting somebody different for the first time is very important to us. This is the same with books. Try something new. Although classical literature is hard to understand, just try it. Who knows what type of gold you’ll find.

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