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How to Make Your Boyfriend’s Family like You

May 24th, 2017 | Posted by Editor in Love and Relationships

Some women tend to feel uneasy when meeting their beau’s family. Of course, they might act a little indifferent when he brings a new girl home, but if you know the right ways to get them to like then meeting your future in-laws could be a stress-free event. To help you experience just that, here are a few tips on how you can get his family to love you as much as he does.

1. Wear the Right Clothes

Keep in mind that you’re a whole generation apart from his parents, so ensure that you dress appropriately for the occasion. Leave your suggestive and revealing clothes for your date nights, and wear something a little more reserved and elegant for when you’ll meet your guy’s folks.

2. Bring a Gift

Surely, you wouldn’t want to show up in your guy’s home empty-handed, so ask your beau what his parents might like as a gift. Avoid bringing something extravagant though, as it might make you appear like a show-off. Small gifts, such as a tray of their favourite dessert or a bottle of wine, is already enough to show your respect for his parents.

3. Offer a Helping Hand

Offer to help out in either setting or clearing the table, as it’ll help in giving a good impression. His mother would surely like to get to know you better and she can do that while you’re doing the dishes together. They’ll like it when they see that you’re making an effort to help out, thus allowing you gain some precious brownie points.

4. Compliment Their Good Taste

You’re on their turf, so ensure that you commend them on the welcoming environment they created for you. Gush over the meal his mother prepared, or the decorating scheme suggested by his father. It lets them know that you notice and appreciate all the work they’ve done for your meeting.

5. Bond With His Siblings

Ask his little brother about his piano classes or his older sister about her favourite TV shows. Remember, everyone wants to feel that they’re cared about – and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to score some brownie points from his next of kin as well.

6. Invite Them for a Dinner at Your Place

Don’t leave them to do all the hosting, so invite them for a dinner at your place as well. This won’t only repay the favour and get you in their good books, it’ll also show them that you’re capable of taking care of their son.

As much as you want to figure out how to make his family like, what’s important is your relationship with your guy. So concentrate on things that matter the most and just be true to yourself.

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