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Get Healthier and Younger-Looking with Dragon Fruit

May 23rd, 2016 | Posted by Editor in Health Watch


Are you looking for a fruit that comes in a whole package deal? Yes, I know what you are thinking. Perhaps, you’ve been wondering if there’s a fruit that does it all, a fruit that serves as a panacea or something close to that. Well, you have got yourself a deal today because you have come to the right place. Presenting to you—the dragon fruit.


Nope, this is not Khalessi’s dragon egg from Game of Thrones. This is a fruit that does not look like a dragon at all. So, if you ask me why it is called the dragon fruit; well I’ll tell you honestly I’m not also sure why.

But if you ask me how it looks like, I’d tell you straight way that it is rather frightening at first glance because if you try to look at it carefully, it resembles an enlarged germ under a microscope with some hairy like features. Although, it may not look quite tasty on the outside but once you’ve sunk your teeth into it, you will definitely love what is on the inside.

And that is just an icing on the cake because you will be astonished when you hear what is in it for you once you indulge in this amazing fruit that we have just discovered. So, you want to buy the red priestess’ necklace from Game of Thrones to maintain that youthful look of yours. Well, you no longer have to because dragon fruit can delay your aging process and give you that healthy and youthful glow that you love.


You may be wondering how, here, let me spill to you the beans. The fruit is packed with tons of anti-oxidants which actually work against free radicals. These free radicals are our enemies if we’d like to look as young as possible so we can get read of them if we eat food that are rich with anti-oxidants just like the dragon fruit.

Another catch that you will definitely love about this fruit is that it will help you in losing weight by giving you that satisfaction of a full stomach. It tells your mind that you are already full so you are not going to grab another bite from your favorite fast food chain.

It’s also rich with fiber and amazingly, it is low in calories. What could be better than that? Well, what more can I say. We really should not judge the book by its cover. What are you still waiting for, try one on the dragon fruits in your local supermarket so that you can prove it by yourself. You will never regret it.


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