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Fighting Dengue

July 25th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in Health and Wellness

Dengue is widespread here. NEA (National Environment Agency) is recruiting more than three hundred health officers for the month of August to conduct ground inspections and house to house checks. This is due to the alarming rise of dengue related deaths around Singapore. There are people who welcome health officers in their homes while there are others that are adamant about it.

Whether you like it or not, you should follow dengue prevention guidelines. Dengue can be fatal if it is not taken care of. The government is doing its part to lessen the deaths and infections every year. How can you contribute to it? You can consider the following things:


Allow health officers in your house

When someone knocks at your door and asks permission to do inspection, you should welcome them willingly. This is important because health officers can do a thorough check. Everything begins in the house so houses should be inspected first.

Follow their recommendations

Health officers will give you guidelines or recommendations so you can lessen the number of mosquitoes in your house and the whole of the community. The first thing that you should do is control the population of mosquitoes. You can control their population by destroying their habitat that way breeding is not possible. Health officers will recommend turning pails, automobile tires and other containers that may collect water. Gutters and vases should be checked at all times.

Be vigilant

At the end of the day, your vigilance can save you and your family. Always be watchful and on the guard when it comes to mosquito breeding. If you notice a family member getting sick, you should bring him/her immediately to the hospital.

Dengue is not easy to handle but it can be lessened with the efforts of many people and the government.

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