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Common Misconceptions About Gambling

October 9th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Gambling

According to H2 Gambling Capital, Singaporeans remain the world’s second biggest gamblers. The study was released on February 26, 2014. The biggest gamblers went to Australia. The third place went to Finland followed by New Zealand, United States, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Canada, Sweden, Britain, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland, Japan, France, Greece, Austria, Netherlands and Germany.


What does this tell us? There are many Singaporeans who are indulging in gambling. The main reason is the affluence of some. It will become a problem if you are a gambling addict. Addicts will still continue the gambling no matter the consequences.

In this article, you will know the common misconceptions about gambling. Here are some misconceptions that you need to keep in mind:


  • You have to gamble every single day. You do not need to gamble every day to qualify as an addict. Gambling is a problem if it directly causes problems. If it affects your daily activities, you are a gambling addict. Do not let it interfere with your life.
  • It is not a problem if you can afford it. Some people who can afford gambling believe that it is okay to gamble. If you can afford to lose money, do not give it to gambling. Use your money for other things that can help other people that way you will think that it is worth it.
  • Gamblers are driven by partners. Gamblers blame their partners or the people around them for the addiction. That is not good. Gamblers should accept the responsibility and the fault instead of pointing fingers to other people. You drive yourself to gamble. It is not the fault of other people so quit blaming others for your actions.
  • You should help them clear their debts. There is a common misconception that you should help those with money problems. You have to help gamblers clear their debt to start a new life. That is not advisable. You have to let the gambler sort out his/her problems.06_chips

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