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Between our Everest-size to-do lists, parents asking for help in downloading apps and phone calls from kids asking to get their toys in the attic, we could really use a day only full of relaxation. Luckily, we can now do so by simply tapping some apps on our phone. You guessed that right. Other than fitness and organizing apps, there are already hundreds of apps available to help us unwind, clear our heads and improve our overall wellbeing. Quite excited to try them out? Then start downloading the following apps now.


  1. Buddhify. While it’s named that way, you don’t necessarily have to be a Buddhist to use this app. Buddhify is actually a pretty neat app since it has a rainbow wheel of options that asks about what you’re currently doing and your current mood to recommend the meditation exercise that fits your needs. You also have the option to do a five or 30-minute meditation session depending on the amount of time that you can spare.
  1. Headspace. Change where your mind is right now with Headspace. This guided-meditation app offers a pretty comprehensive meditation education. The app also offers a 10-day free trial, and after that, you already get to decide on the amount of time and money you’ll spend on applying mindfulness to the different areas of your life.
  1. Earthlapse. In search for a fun and literally out of this world way of relaxation? Then Earthlapse is a must-try app for you. Not only does it offer new-age music, it also shows a lovely time-lapse photography of Earth as captured by the NASA astronauts. Other than that, you can also use its clock and worldwide weather info option to turn the app into more of a night-table companion. Truly the perfect way to step outside of your head for a couple of minutes, right?


  1. Stress Tracker. If you’re too stressed lately, then let Stress Tracker help you deal with your pesky stressors. Created by a team of researchers and psychologists, Stress Tracker aims to identify and relieve your daily pressures. The app works by tracking your moods, tension sources and things that make you anxious. By identifying and understanding the causes, you’ll now be able to avoid or deal with your stressors better.
  1. Omvana. Think of this app as the Spotify of yoga. Omvana works by letting its users choose a tranquil playlist, or even create their own tracks to get better sleep, relaxation and focus. This app is best to use if you’re having problems concentrating on your work or studies.

Dealing with every day stress is really tiresome. But by having these apps on your phone, you can now relax and experience peace with just a few swipes.


Useful Apps for Outdoor Buffs

June 23rd, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Lifestyle | Technology - (0 Comments)


The world is waiting. There are many fun things outdoor, we only need to indulge. If we are outdoor buffs, we need things to enhance our experience and make it worthwhile. The good thing is that there are many free things that we can consider for a successful trip here in Singapore or outside. Let us start by downloading free applications for our smartphone.


Here are some outdoor apps that we should consider:

  • Yonder: Yonder is part social network and part destination finder. The good thing about this application is that it gives suggestion, feedback tips and advice to users. The application has a database of more than twenty thousand state, national and local parks as well as other outdoor places. This application is available on both Android and iOS.
  • Project Noah: Noah is something different because it lets its users post their encounters with nature. Noah is set to build documentations of organisms. Noah is interactive because it can give users virtual patches that enable users to complete virtual missions. It is available on both Android and iOS.
  • gov Camping: There are many Singaporeans who love camping. Camping can help us look for a campsite. In America, the website simplifies locating and reserving of campsites. The app is not exclusive in America. As long as we type our address, the app can help us reserve sites nearby. This is only available for iOS users.


  • MTB Project: This application is for avid mountain bikers. Whether we want to explore a new terrain or memorize the old one, this application is the best one. The application gives users access to map trails over the country. This is only available for iOS and Android users.
  • Leafsnap: If we are hiking and we do not know the kind of tree we are looking at, Leafsnap can help us gather information. This application is developed by Columbia university and Smithsonian Institution. The application utilizes GPS location and recognition software. However, this application is only available in New York and Washington D.C.
  • GoFlow Sports: This application will give weather updates depending on the sports we consider. For example, we will know if the surf is up. This is only available for Android and iOS.

There are people who do not consider bringing their smartphones or any electronic device whilst outdoor because it can be a distraction. We should not see it this way. We have to understand the role of our smartphone. If we want the traditional things, we can also bring along maps and compass.


Making Creative Beats

June 15th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Technology - (0 Comments)

As they say, a beat is hard to make. Many have tried their best and failed but there are also people who have given their time and effort. Hence, they’ve succeed. Success is built with passion and dedication. In beat-making there’s no fortune to wait and no magic pill or potion to take. All you need to have are talent and skills in this field. You don’t need to be a professional musician but you need to have knowledge in music.


For those who want to learn on how to make a beat, you need to have a tutor. Luckily, there are online beat-makers that promise to guide an individual who is passionate and is willing to learn about beat. Beat-makers online teach all people, whether young or old, professional or not, single or married, and even beggars. As long as you put a work on it and you love it.

Becoming rich is possible through the use of online beat-making software. As said, beat is difficult to perfect. However if it’s done and followed properly, one can be famous. To be a famous beat-maker, you must first, be a creative beat-maker. How? Here are some tips:


  • Learn to play any musical instrument – This is very essential to aspiring beat-makers. However, it takes time and patience.
  • Make something different – Making impossible things may be your bullets to success; do not make anything that is already cliché.
  • Hear different music – Listen to any type of music so that your creativity will never get lost.
  • Watch beat making videos like the ones in YouTube.
  • Never copy a beat from the other beat maker.
    • Or make a new version of a song with your beat.


Even if beat-making is not yet popular in Singapore, there are still many people who love to listen to the beat of the instruments that are being created by online beat-making software. It is indeed difficult to find right software that makes a better beat. With many beat maker software available online, it becomes harder for it to tell of what is the best beat maker online.


So, which one will you choose? Is it the best but not effective or effective but not the best? Actually, if you have to choose, you’d rather choose the two qualities mentioned. The best will never best called the best if it is not effective and same goes with the effectiveness of a product, it will never be an effective product if it is not the best. Best and effective is the key to find the right tool you will use.

Online beat makers provide its clients a comprehensive and complete guide on how to make a profitable beat. Also, you don’t need recording studio on this. This is purely clicking and listening. Beat makers online are all-in-one software that enables music or beat lovers to discover his creativity. Software of online beat makers is available in the internet.


There are software that offer free beat-making; however there is also software that requires payment. Therefore, it is important that you have to choose beat-making software that is easy-to-understand. Because beat-making is not as easy as 1, 2, 3, online beat maker helps an individual create a beat or maybe an outstanding beat that might lead him to popularity. Beat-making is not as simple as design a cloth or perhaps editing a photo. It requires talent and most especially skills.