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Many expecting moms in Singapore can dream of a thousand ways how they want their babies to grow up. They can think of a million dos and don’ts in child-rearing as well. All these daydreaming and big plans start the moment the baby is conceived. Moms spend an entire nine months carrying their babies within that every waking hour is in full anticipation of the big day.

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Whether you’re an expecting mom or not, here are some tips on how to spend those big nine months:

Hunting for the perfect name

There are mothers who wake up after giving birth only to find out that the baby has already been named by the father. I’m sure you don’t want this to happen to you. You’d want to be as involved in naming your child as much as you were involved in making the baby. So what better way than scouring through the nine months in search of the perfect name that both you and your husband will love to call your child?

Listening to classical music

Heard about those baby geniuses, gifted child, and child prodigy? Well, some of these kids’ parents have claimed listening to classical music while they were still expectant moms. Studies have also shown that listening to classical music can improve one’s intelligence. So how about trying this out? It won’t be a problem if your child turns out to be a musical prodigy even if you are not, would it? Parents can dream, you know.

Reading bedtime stories

Babies in the womb can hear the sounds from outside once they’re developed enough. This is why some claim that their baby can already recognize a parent’s voice. You can try to achieve this by reading bedtime stories even while your baby is still in the womb. This can be a good practice for you as you’ll surely be reading a lot of bedtime stories while your child grows up. Aside from reading bedtime stories, you and your husband can also try talking to the baby inside – of course, expect this to be more of a monologue.


Keeping physically fit

One of the best things to prepare for your baby’s arrival is to keep physically fit. Avoid doing any vigorous physical exercises such as running and swimming and stick to minimal physical activities such as walking. Make sure to eat a balanced diet as well as what you eat is what your baby eats, too. Eat the right food so that your child will grow up to be strong and healthy. Take your daily nutrient supplements as well and follow your doctor’s advice.

Reading instructional materials

Lastly, be sure that you come well-prepared to the world of parenthood by arming yourself with as much know-how as you can get. They say no one can really be prepared to be a parent but there’s no harm in trying. Our modern times have produced a lot of helpful parenting literature to help you become the best mom for your child.