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Some women tend to feel uneasy when meeting their beau’s family. Of course, they might act a little indifferent when he brings a new girl home, but if you know the right ways to get them to like then meeting your future in-laws could be a stress-free event. To help you experience just that, here are a few tips on how you can get his family to love you as much as he does.

1. Wear the Right Clothes

Keep in mind that you’re a whole generation apart from his parents, so ensure that you dress appropriately for the occasion. Leave your suggestive and revealing clothes for your date nights, and wear something a little more reserved and elegant for when you’ll meet your guy’s folks.

2. Bring a Gift

Surely, you wouldn’t want to show up in your guy’s home empty-handed, so ask your beau what his parents might like as a gift. Avoid bringing something extravagant though, as it might make you appear like a show-off. Small gifts, such as a tray of their favourite dessert or a bottle of wine, is already enough to show your respect for his parents.

3. Offer a Helping Hand

Offer to help out in either setting or clearing the table, as it’ll help in giving a good impression. His mother would surely like to get to know you better and she can do that while you’re doing the dishes together. They’ll like it when they see that you’re making an effort to help out, thus allowing you gain some precious brownie points.

4. Compliment Their Good Taste

You’re on their turf, so ensure that you commend them on the welcoming environment they created for you. Gush over the meal his mother prepared, or the decorating scheme suggested by his father. It lets them know that you notice and appreciate all the work they’ve done for your meeting.

5. Bond With His Siblings

Ask his little brother about his piano classes or his older sister about her favourite TV shows. Remember, everyone wants to feel that they’re cared about – and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to score some brownie points from his next of kin as well.

6. Invite Them for a Dinner at Your Place

Don’t leave them to do all the hosting, so invite them for a dinner at your place as well. This won’t only repay the favour and get you in their good books, it’ll also show them that you’re capable of taking care of their son.

As much as you want to figure out how to make his family like, what’s important is your relationship with your guy. So concentrate on things that matter the most and just be true to yourself.


Taking yourself on a date is one of the best ways to get to know yourself better, as well as maintain some sense of independence if you’re already in a relationship. But what will you do if you’re planning to spend some ‘me’ time with limited funds? Here, we’ve listed some awesome self-date ideas even if you’re in budget.


  1. Enjoy a Wine and a Paint Night

While this is a fun activity for a girl’s night out, it can also be a great self-date idea for your ‘me’ time. You get to paint anything you want, which is relaxing and therapeutic, and drink a good wine at the same time. This activity is relatively inexpensive, and it doesn’t require for you to have any experience on painting – though it depends on the instructor. So make sure that you check this activity ahead of time to avoid any surprises or unnecessary stress.

  1. Drop By Your Favourite Coffee Shop and Write

If you enjoy going out for coffee, then this self-date idea is for you. But instead of simply sipping on your cappuccino, bring along your journal and write anything that you want. Whether you’ll write a story or journal the key moments of your day, writing will allow you to reflect within yourself as you enjoy your favourite drink. So grab a yummy beverage and your journal, and unleash your creativity from within.

  1. Set a Yoga Night

Can’t afford to enrol in a yoga class? Then grab a mat and check some good yoga videos instead. All you’ve got to do is follow along with the instructor, and see how calmer you’ll feel afterwards. There are a lot of excellent yoga videos on YouTube that accommodate various levels and styles. So just stream these videos, and enjoy your solo yoga session.


  1. Schedule a Movie Night

Yes, schedule a movie night but on your own. This means you can watch anything you want, from your favourite rom-com movie to that horror movie you’ve always been dying to watch. So get your popcorn ready, and snuggle with a cosy blanket. Just make sure that you wear you most decadent pyjamas, since you want to be as comfortable as possible.

  1. Attend a Local Event on Your Own

Most cities offer various events throughout the week, so check your newspaper or online publication to see what’s going on your area. We’re certain that you’ll find something that will satisfy your interests, such as mini-concerts and poetry readings.

Going on self-dates, even on budget, is one of the best ways to know yourself more. So keep these budget-friendly self-date ideas in mind next time you decide to spend some alone time.


Love moves in mysterious ways… and in surprising ways, too. Whether or not you need proof of that, here are 12 fascinating facts about love that most people don’t know. Study them, ponder on them, and share them with the one you fancy.


Fact #1: The feeling of having “butterflies in the stomach” is the body’s natural stress response, caused by the rush of adrenaline, when we see the person that we love or like (or lust after).

Fact #2: When we fall in love, the amount of the ‘feel good’ chemicals running through our brain appears to be in the same amount to someone heavily addicted to cocaine.

Fact #3: Because men are more attracted to physical beauty, they are said to fall in love much faster than women, according to a US study. In fact some may have been scientifically proven to have fallen in love at first sight.

Fact #4: A hug from one’s romantic partner increases the level of oxytocin—or the ‘love’ hormone—in the brain, which is linked to boosting heart rate and reducing blood pressure.


Fact #5: Love causes the same level of physical stress as deep fear. You can see similar signs, like sweating of palms, increased heart rate, and dilation of pupils.

Fact #6: Brain scans show that when people see photos of their beloved, they experience activation of caudate—the portion of the brain than involves cravings.

Fact #7: A man’s beard grows fastest when he is anticipating sex.

Fact #8: After a break-up or when we’re dumped by someone we’re attracted to, we actually fall even more in love with them—up to a certain time. This is because the part of our brain that that controls our romantic feelings continues to be active.

Fact #9: Falling in love induces a calming effect to the mind and body, and raises the chances of nerve growth for a year, which can help restore a person’s nervous system and improve their memory.

Fact #10: According to a German study, those men who kiss their significant others first thing in the morning live five years longer than those men who don’t.

Fact #11: Cuddling triggers the same neurological reaction as taking painkillers.

Fact #12: Men are more attracted to women who have the same—or almost the same—bone structure as their mothers, which scientists call ‘sexual imprinting.’

With these fascinating facts about love, you probably now realize how love can be fun and scary at the same time.  However, as long as you know your reason, purpose, and intention behind the love you have for your significant other and for all the people around you, you can go about giving and receiving all the love you can get.


Every relationship is full of both good and bad moments. In fact, a healthy relationship is one that has casual spats every once in a while. However, during these delicate times, refrain from saying things that are too hurtful or that could make an ordinary fight bitter and cause a lot of pain. Here are four things you should absolutely refrain from saying when you’re having a row with your significant other.


  1. “You did the same thing!”

Instead of bringing up the past by telling your partner what they should or shouldn’t have done, say something that speaks about doing better in the future; something like “let’s not make this happen again” or “next time, let’s handle this differently.” When you have already forgiven someone of their past mistakes, there’s no reason to bring it up in a current disagreement.

  1. “It’s (all) your fault!”

Blaming each other is one of the common things people do during a fight. Once someone starts blaming, the conversation will go back and forth about who’s to blame. So instead of pointing fingers, explain how your partner’s actions made you feel.

Start by saying something like, “I feel unimportant because of how you respond to me, though I should have spoken up earlier.” This gives your partner a clear idea of how you feel, lets them know what their fault is, and makes them feel that you’re not putting all the blame on him for accepting your responsibility in the situation.


  1. “Let’s just break up.”

Amidst the heat, it’s easy to blurt out things you don’t mean. However, remember that words can’t be taken back, no matter how much you apologize afterwards. If you’re unable to hold it back and it just slipped out of your mouth, immediately apologize and assure that it will not happen again. Even after apologizing, it may take some time before your partner can trust you again.

  1. “You’re such a coward/jerk!”

Attacking someone immediately puts them on defense and the argument only becomes a win/lose situation—one wins and the other loses. Saying this suggests that you no longer see your partner as another person who is your equal, but reduces them to a single trait, that is of being (accusedly) a coward or a jerk.

When expressing your thoughts and feelings, there’s no need for name-calling. Instead, control your side of expression by saying something like “that’s not how I remember it,” or “from my own perspective…”.couple fighting

Fighting once in a while is a normal part of every relationship. However, it is important to be sensitive of your partner’s feelings and to preserve the respect and trust you have for each other.

Women really love surprises. They want to experience being surprised on ordinary days, during your anniversaries and of course, on their birthdays. Do not fail her by making sure that you have prepared a birthday surprise for her whether it is big or just a simple surprise. What matters to her is that you exerted effort, and you did not forget her day. Here are some of the birthday surprises you can give her.


Give her a love letter or write a song. Nowadays, writing love letters are very off as technology has truly changed everyone’s form of communication. As a gift, allow her to experience how it is like to receive a love letter. Make sure that you have written the letter well by expressing your love for her or looking back in the days you are together. Women are going to love this because it is something they can keep and reread when they want to. You can level up this surprise by writing a song instead and singing it for her on her birthday.


Pamper her with food and relaxation. What is your girlfriend’s favourite food? Make sure that she has it on her birthday. Make it extra special by preparing it yourself. It is not only the food but also your effort which will make this birthday gift special. After making your girlfriend’s tummy happy, pamper her by giving her an all-expense paid spa and massage. You can do this together so that you can also have a bonding time. If you cannot join her, make sure that she has company by also paying for the treatment of her best friend.

Travel together. On her birthday, allow her to explore the world with you by planning a trip for her. Where is the dream place of your girlfriend? Or where do you think is a place she will truly love? Go there together. Surprise her by giving a travel ticket on her birthday, and surprise her even more by telling her that the travel ticket she is holding is dated today. This can be the most spontaneous gift you can give to your girlfriend.

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