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Singapore’s Top Universities

April 5th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Education - (0 Comments)

Singapore is a stable country in terms of economic matters. In fact, Singapore is one of the many countries that are booming its way to the international arena. On the other hand, Singapore has diversity of cultures.


Since Singapore is a rapidly growing country, there are a lot of establishments built in the island. Most of buildings that are built in Singapore are restaurants; however, there are a significant number of universities built in the country. Singapore offers a high level of education to all Singaporeans who want to learn. Also, foreigners can experience using the high-tech facilities that every top university offers.

National University of Singapore

This is the country’s main university with 3 campuses located in Bukit Kent Ridge, Outram and Timah. All in all there are 16 faculties and schools which is commonly known to provide state-of-the-art facilities in natural sciences, engineering, life sciences, social sciences, biomedicine and many more.

SIM University

This university is the associate of Singapore Institute of Management Group. SIM University is one of the famous constituent of International Association of Universities (IAU).

James Cook University

The original James Cook University was located in Townsville, Australia. In Singapore it offers courses like Business Administration, Information technology, Hospitality and Tourism Management, Psychology, Education and more. Aside from Singapore, James Cook University has also another campus located at Cairns, New Zealand.

Nanyang Technological University

In 2012, Nanyang Technological University ranked number 47 in the QS World University Rankings and alos listed as one of the top universities around the globe. Actually, this is the largest university in Singapore with more than 33,000 students.