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If we decided to move out from our parent’s house, we have to look for a place. We can either rent or buy but with the current situation of the property market, things are not looking good if we buy a house. In fact, many Singaporeans think that renting a house is more prudent than buying.


Granting that we rent a house, the next thing that we have to consider is the area. What are popular areas for renting a house here in Singapore? Here are some ideas:

  • Chinatown: Chinatown is one of the best locations when renting because it is near to most of the main entertainment districts here.
  • Geylang: If we are particular about the affordability of condos or flats, we have to consider Geylang. Geylang boasts of affordable condos and flats and the location is close to the city. It does not end there because there are plenty of food establishments around the area.
  • Tiong Bahru: We do not consider Tiong Bahru because we think that units are expensive. Though Tiong Bahru is near Robertson Quay areas and Outram, we can still find affordable units.

Where to eat and shop in Tiong Bahru

  • East Coast/Bayshore: If we do not mind a slightly long commute to the city, East Coast/Bayshore is an excellent area. This area is famous with expats. The location is near Siglap, East Coast Park and the Changi Business Park.
  • Farrer Park/Little India: If our work is near Bras Basah, Bugis or CBD, Farrer Park or Little India is an excellent choice. We can shop at Mustafa often as long as we want because it is quite near.
  • West Coast: If we have a work near Biopolis or NUS, West Coast is the place to be. The place is famous for its flock of science and technology workers. The bonus is we can hang out at the popular Holland Village.


Remember the times when we were planning to hang out with our friends at the playground after our classes? We grew up but the playground never grows old. When we bring our kids to the playground this time, we will remember the times we spent there playing.


Being a child, we have many memories in playgrounds. Unfortunately, children these days do not hang out often in playgrounds maybe because playing can be done inside the house using their tablets, smartphones or computers.

Where is the fun in that? This is one of the reasons why the SG50 Committee supported the “The Play Project”. Play is spearheaded by Stefen Chow, a photographer. He wanted to capture the playgrounds all over Singapore to remind us of happy times during our childhood and hopefully impart the joy to our children.

11 Holland Drive

Chow, together with Lin Hui-Yi, an economist, chose to emphasize playgrounds here in Singapore because they felt that even small things need recognition since it is part of the society and the lives of the people around. Instead of conventional shots of playgrounds, Chow offered a different outlook. He took aerial shots of playground.

The aerial shots of playground are organized in line with the Mass Rapid Transit map. If users want to view a playground, they only need to click on the station and they will see playgrounds nearby. The project offers aerial views of 100 playgrounds.

Playgrounds are an integral part of the society. We have to know that for every eight housing units, there is a playground built. Today, we have at least 1,400 playgrounds. It is time to get to know other playgrounds and use it to our children’s advantage.


The café scene here in Singapore is continuously improving. There have been plenty of additions in the past year. With this, made a list of cafes that are worth visiting here in Singapore. So, if we want to discover new scenes or get in touch with the old and classic cafes, here are some places we can visit:


  • Boufe Boutique Café: If we want a classy and quality brunch, we have to head to Boufe Boutique Café. The Café is relatively new because it opened January of this year however, it proved its name because of its minimalist interior and its foods.
  • Sin Lee Foods: Sin Lee also offers sumptuous brunch with their chicken and waffles. They also offer Aburi Broccoli Salad which is their bestseller. There’s also coffee.
  • Dutch Colony Coffee Co.: If we are looking for more than good food, Dutch Colony Coffee Co. will also offer great hangout place. The café is encouraging the customers to spend more time with their charming ambiance. We can consider their butter croissant and Thai milk tea loaf.
  • Artistry: If we prefer al fresco dining, Artistry is the perfect place to be. For the most part, the café empowers artists because of their gallery section. The gallery is the best platform for artists to showcase their works. Then there’s good food too.


  • Whisk & Paddle: Whisk & Paddle offers tranquility because of its riverside view. We will enjoy the view and of course their sumptuous foods. Indeed, it provides respite.
  • Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters Singapore: The café boasts of the best coffee and Pacamara blends.
  • Sunday Folks: For light meal, Sunday Folks is heavenly. The café provides waffles and other soft serve products that can make a difference.
  • FATCAT Ice Cream Bar: The ice cream bar serves the best ice cream in the area. They serve exciting flavors like Hay and Honey and Butter Beer. We will be amazed of the plating.
  • Ronin: If we want an excellent toast and coffee, Ronin serves the best. Their unpretentious ambiance and food charmed the hearts of many people here.
  • Montana Brew Bar: The bar serves different variety of foods from parties to burgers and sandwiches. Their extensive waffle menu is famous.
  • Old Hen Coffee Bar: If we want to have a quick fix of breakfast meals, we can consider the bar. The bar offers coffee, desserts and other quick bites. Croque Monsieur is their bestseller.
  • AEIOU: If we want a different ambiance, we should head to AEIOU café. The café boasts of the basics which is seen in their food, décor and atmosphere in general.

There are many cafes out there for us to discover but in the meantime, we can begin from places mentioned above.


Money exchange establishments are important especially for travelling individuals. It’s a good thing that there are a myriad of money exchange places in Singapore that offers excellent exchange rates to a number of foreign currencies. Here are the most reputable money changers you can find in Singapore.


The Arcade at Raffles Place Money Changers

The Raffles Place is the location of various business centers in Singapore so it is only fitting that there are a healthy group of money changers that offer their services in the vicinity. You do not need to line up and inquire on the currency rates because it is displayed in readable boards. Most of the money changing staff are good in communicating with their clients so the transaction is smooth and easy.

Lucky Plaza Money Changers


This is located near the shopping capital of Singapore, Orchard Road therefore Lucky Plaza is a convenient place for tourists to exchange their on hand bills to other currencies. The staff are helpful and very patient if you try and ask them for the exchange rates since the rates are not displayed.

Mustafa Centre Money Changers

There are a lot of excellent money changers in the Mustafa area but the best of them all is Mustafa Foreign Exchange. Mustafa Foreign Exchange is an establishment open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the place is efficient for emergency money changing transactions day or night. It is also the only place in Singapore that offers such services. The rates are not fixed so you can bargain for it in this money exchange place.


Singapore is a popular travel destination rich in beautiful sights and flourishing culture. To commemorate this experience, you need to buy souvenirs and other famous products. If you are still a bit confused on what kind of souvenirs to purchase during your Singapore trip, read on to get some great souvenir suggestions.


Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling is named the national cocktail drink of Singapore. It was first created in the 1930s by Ngiam Tong Boon, a bartender at Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar. Now it’s created by a lot of people, in different variations and in different places but the original drink was a mix of cherry brandy, lime juice, pineapple juice, orange juice and gin.

You can get this drink from a number of bars and shops in Singapore. Try this drink and explore the different flavors the cocktail brings you in every sip.



Bakkwa is one of Singapore’s delicacies that is a popular street food and also an edible souvenir. This barbecued meat is made up of pork or beef marinated in spices, sugar and soy sauce, then grilled over charcoal fire.

This savory dish is a favorite among locals and a popular souvenir choice for Singapore tourists. Bakkwa is priced from $45.00 to $70.00 per kilogram.

Miniature Merlion

The Merlion is the official mascot of Singapore so it’s only fitting that you buy products with a Merlion design. There are a lot of souvenirs with the Merlion design in various Singapore shops. You can get the Miniature Merlion in the form of ashtrays, coasters, lighters, picture frames, key chains, snow globes and refrigerator magnets.


Driving is not a privilege that only few people can afford. Driving is a responsibility shared by drivers and motorists. Road users should consistently follow rules and regulations for smoother and safer travel. However, there are drivers that continuously practice worst driving habits. If you want to know the worst driving habits of Singaporeans, you can consider The Straits Times recently concluded online poll.


The online poll garnered more than 2,200 responses from frustrated Singaporeans. So, here are the worst driving habits:

  • Drivers who do not signal before changing lines: 25.87% of participants despise drivers who do not signal before changing lines.
  • Drivers who speed up when they see others filtering their lane: 24.83% of participants despise drivers who speed up when they see others filtering their lane.
  • Drivers who monopolize the road: 15.72% of participants despise drivers who monopolize the road.


  • Drivers who are hostile: 10.84% of participants despise drivers who are hostile or aggressive.
  • Drivers who are good at tailgating: 9.23% of participants despise drivers who are good at tailgating.
  • Drivers who use mobile phones while driving: 8.23% of participants despise drivers who use mobile phones while they are driving.
  • Drivers who honk extensively: 3.66% of participants despise drivers who honk extensively.
  • Drivers who speed: 1.61% of participants despise drivers who speed or hurry.

Seeing the poll, which habits do you despise the most? You should know better. If you use the road, do not be indifferent. You have to follow the rules and regulations at the same time think of other road users.

0 (1)

Aside from their most popular law (chewing gum eating), Singapore is known to be a country with low crime rate. This is because of the heavy penalties and fines that will make you regret once you are caught. In Singapore, there is no minor offence or major offence because almost all of the laws they have been implemented carries a hefty judgment.


If you think vandalism, jaywalking, spiting and smoking everywhere is only minor crime in Singapore, think of it again. Singapore is the toughest country which imposes extremely strict laws that anyone will doubt doing it.

Almost all country bans illegal drugs such as heroin, cannabis, opium, cocaine and hashish. Since Singapore is a very strict country, don’t expect that you’ll only be reprimanded once you are caught bringing illegal drugs.


Even if how small the amount of illegal drug you carry, the least sentence is 10 years imprisonment and/or a fine of more than $20,000. However, a forced death sentence will be made when an individual is caught bringing:

  • Cocaine – 30 grams or more
  • Heroin – 15 grams or more
  • Opium – 1200 grams or more
  • Cannabis – 500 grams or more
  • Hashish – 200 grams or more

Once you are in Singapore, think of every law that you may be violated. These are common laws in other countries and have minor punishments. However, if you have stepped your foot on this low crime rate country, be mindful of your acts. In every move you make, you need to think first because in Singapore, you will not live longer if you have the criminals’ mind.



With the mission of “To protect and save lives and property for a safe and secure Singapore”, the National Defense Force of Singapore ensures every individual who are living and visiting that the country is a safe haven. Actually, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) have fire fighters, emergency and rescue ambulances and other equipment and men that can help every incident that will need their help. 


It was in 1982 when it was planned and in 1986 it was enacted under the Civil Defence Act.  Basically, SCDF was introduced as a sovereign group under Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). However, when the Hotel New World collapsed, it gave way to combine SCDF and Singapore Fire Service (SFS) because it has the same roles and responsibilities to the country.

SCDF Roadshow 29012013

As time passes by and the technology develops, SCDF made some improvements on their equipment, plans and skills so that they will have faster and safer response for those who are in need. Today, they have this truck named “The Red Rhino” (a Light Fire Attack Truck). Aside from the equipment, they also conduct educational programs so that many people will be vigilant once accident happens.

Currently, SCDF is among the well-known individuals in the population because of their quick response and properly trained personnel. Also, they are being recognized because of they can abruptly take actions and decisions without doubt. Even if the incident is life-threatening or not, they still work in full heart and mind, and as a team to achieve success in every accidents that takes place.