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Carrying Small Amount of Illegal Drugs May Lead to Death Penalty

August 22nd, 2014 | Posted by Editor in About Singapore | Policies

Aside from their most popular law (chewing gum eating), Singapore is known to be a country with low crime rate. This is because of the heavy penalties and fines that will make you regret once you are caught. In Singapore, there is no minor offence or major offence because almost all of the laws they have been implemented carries a hefty judgment.


If you think vandalism, jaywalking, spiting and smoking everywhere is only minor crime in Singapore, think of it again. Singapore is the toughest country which imposes extremely strict laws that anyone will doubt doing it.

Almost all country bans illegal drugs such as heroin, cannabis, opium, cocaine and hashish. Since Singapore is a very strict country, don’t expect that you’ll only be reprimanded once you are caught bringing illegal drugs.


Even if how small the amount of illegal drug you carry, the least sentence is 10 years imprisonment and/or a fine of more than $20,000. However, a forced death sentence will be made when an individual is caught bringing:

  • Cocaine – 30 grams or more
  • Heroin – 15 grams or more
  • Opium – 1200 grams or more
  • Cannabis – 500 grams or more
  • Hashish – 200 grams or more

Once you are in Singapore, think of every law that you may be violated. These are common laws in other countries and have minor punishments. However, if you have stepped your foot on this low crime rate country, be mindful of your acts. In every move you make, you need to think first because in Singapore, you will not live longer if you have the criminals’ mind.



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