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Cancer: Singapore’s Deadly Enemy

August 19th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Health

While Singaporeans strictly follows a rule wherein it has health benefits, the most common sickness in the world conquers Singapore – Cancer. While many specialists continue to make research for medication, cancers continue to grow as time passes by. And in an uncontrollable manner, the number of death in the country increases due to this deadly disease.



This is an ailment wherein the cells in the body abnormally grows and will eventually form a tumor which will clog the blood way and/or infect other areas inside the body which causes malfunction or worse, death.

Top Deadly Disease

In Singapore, Cancer is the number one cause of death. For males, the cancer that has produce more death is lung cancer while for females, breast cancer is the most common.


Be Health Conscious

Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer are cancer cases that are only periodic which means it is not hereditary. However, there may be chances that you may be diagnosed with common cancers like lung and breast cancers.


Today, there are a lot of treatments that is made to combat and eradicate cancer. Since the technology advances and there might be possibilities of treating the disease through medications, it is much better if we prevent it to happen. There are many people who have been diagnosed with cancer but it’s already too late. Treatments for severe stage of cancer are inadequate and incomplete. However, if in early times, the diagnosis has been made. There could be chances that the cancer will be treated medically.


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