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Cafés Every Coffee Aficionado in Singapore Should Check Out  

May 12th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in About Singapore | Food and Eating

The café scene here in Singapore is continuously improving. There have been plenty of additions in the past year. With this, made a list of cafes that are worth visiting here in Singapore. So, if we want to discover new scenes or get in touch with the old and classic cafes, here are some places we can visit:


  • Boufe Boutique Café: If we want a classy and quality brunch, we have to head to Boufe Boutique Café. The Café is relatively new because it opened January of this year however, it proved its name because of its minimalist interior and its foods.
  • Sin Lee Foods: Sin Lee also offers sumptuous brunch with their chicken and waffles. They also offer Aburi Broccoli Salad which is their bestseller. There’s also coffee.
  • Dutch Colony Coffee Co.: If we are looking for more than good food, Dutch Colony Coffee Co. will also offer great hangout place. The café is encouraging the customers to spend more time with their charming ambiance. We can consider their butter croissant and Thai milk tea loaf.
  • Artistry: If we prefer al fresco dining, Artistry is the perfect place to be. For the most part, the café empowers artists because of their gallery section. The gallery is the best platform for artists to showcase their works. Then there’s good food too.


  • Whisk & Paddle: Whisk & Paddle offers tranquility because of its riverside view. We will enjoy the view and of course their sumptuous foods. Indeed, it provides respite.
  • Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters Singapore: The café boasts of the best coffee and Pacamara blends.
  • Sunday Folks: For light meal, Sunday Folks is heavenly. The café provides waffles and other soft serve products that can make a difference.
  • FATCAT Ice Cream Bar: The ice cream bar serves the best ice cream in the area. They serve exciting flavors like Hay and Honey and Butter Beer. We will be amazed of the plating.
  • Ronin: If we want an excellent toast and coffee, Ronin serves the best. Their unpretentious ambiance and food charmed the hearts of many people here.
  • Montana Brew Bar: The bar serves different variety of foods from parties to burgers and sandwiches. Their extensive waffle menu is famous.
  • Old Hen Coffee Bar: If we want to have a quick fix of breakfast meals, we can consider the bar. The bar offers coffee, desserts and other quick bites. Croque Monsieur is their bestseller.
  • AEIOU: If we want a different ambiance, we should head to AEIOU café. The café boasts of the basics which is seen in their food, décor and atmosphere in general.

There are many cafes out there for us to discover but in the meantime, we can begin from places mentioned above.


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