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Back Fat, Be Gone!

August 2nd, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Fitness

5 Effective Ways to Banish Your Back Fat
Back bulge around the bra area isn’t fun to deal with. However, it’s still possible for you to feel more confident with your body using a little extra effort. Targeting specific areas in the body might not work to burn fat, but the following healthy tips will surely give you the results that you want.


  1. Increase Your Cardio Workout. If you seriously want to get rid of your back fat, then you should also start to get serious with your cardio exercises. Make your cardio routine more intense by performing an interval training to get that after-burn effect. With this, your body will be able to burn more calories compared to when you complete a steady-paced workout.
  1. Focus on Toning Your Muscles. Other than increasing your cardio exercise, you should also incorporate workout moves that will sculpt your shoulders, back and obliques into your routine. Try performing routines like Superman Lifts or Pilates Mat Swimming to get a perfectly toned back.
  1. Incorporate Yoga In Your Routine. While cardio and strength training are the keys to getting a toned back, yoga can be of help in getting rid of your back fat problems too. Try out poses like Sun Salutation, Boat and Revolved Chair to effectively tone your back muscles.


  1. Eat Smart. Proper workout can help, but going with healthier foods and cooking cleaner recipes are also essential in battling your back bulge. Look for some good fat-burning recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner to support your fitness goals.
  1. Shop for Your Shape. This may not help you in getting rid of back fat, but it’ll certainly make you feel more comfortable with your body. If you’re too conscious about your muffin top, then it might already be time to upsize your bra and jeans. Opt for figure-flattering clothes that will make you feel more confident and less stressed every time you dress. Also, instead of focusing in the clothing size you’re wearing, just focus on why you’re actually wearing those clothing pieces.

Just like any body fat problems, your back fat can be easily dealt with through exercising and eating healthy foods. Just keep these tips in mind and your back fat will surely be gone in no time.


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