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How to Manage Menopause Symptoms

June 5th, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Health Watch - (Comments Off on How to Manage Menopause Symptoms)

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges to growing old as a woman is going through menopause. While a few individuals are lucky to experience mild symptoms that do not disrupt their daily lives, some women are less fortunate.

How do you deal with so many changes in your health and body?

Continue Medical Treatments
Hormonal changes affect women’s bodies differently, that is why there is a persistent belief that some illnesses become common during this stage in their lives. If you have been diagnosed with another medical condition not associated with the natural signs of aging and menopause, then you should continue the treatment. Do not hesitate to ask for advice from the doctor if you are planning to try other treatments and options to improve your quality of life. However, do not self-medicate and try various drugs without proper consultation.

Change Your Diet and Exercise
Some of the most common symptoms of menopause are hot flashes, sleeping problems, vaginal dryness, mood swings, urinary incontinence, and memory problems. These can be managed with a healthy diet and lifestyle, such as avoiding food that can worsen the symptoms; eating a healthy, balanced diet; regular exercise; and doing activities that you love and enjoy. You also need to cut down on some of the food that might cause more symptoms such as caffeine, alcohol, and spicy food.

Maintain a Healthy Weight
Not only will a manageable weight make you healthier, but it will also boost your self-confidence and greatly improve your mood. You will also lower the risk of diseases associated with old age such as cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, bone diseases, and diabetes.

Practice Good Sleeping Habits
If you’re having a hard time getting a good night’s rest, it’s time to step back and examine the factors that might be contributing to the problem. Perhaps you are eating too much food or drinking too much caffeine or maybe your bedroom is more stressful than relaxing. Be physically active during the day, avoid napping, and avoid big meals before bedtime. Make your room more relaxing by removing items that distract you such as the television, and buy a comfortable mattress and pillow that will help your posture improve.

Avoid Hot Flashes
Besides eating a healthy diet and staying active, reduce hot flashes by staying hydrated all the time, wearing comfortable clothing, avoiding stressful situations, avoiding poorly-ventilated areas, and practicing relaxation techniques in case of an attack.

Spend Time with Family and Friends
This is also the time when most women are prone to mental health issues because they experience a lot of changes in their lives. Surround yourself with people who love and care for you. They will understand what you’re going through and will help you deal with your problems.

Living with Knee Pain

June 5th, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Health and Wellness - (Comments Off on Living with Knee Pain)

No one wants to live in chronic pain, but age and other medical conditions can lead to chronic diseases that affect the bones in the body, such as osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease, but the symptoms can be alleviated with lifestyle and attitude changes so you can continue to enjoy life like you used to before the knee pain started.

Manage Your Weight
You might be getting tired of hearing this all the time from your doctor, but losing excess weight will not just reduce the strain on your legs, it will also improve your health overall. If you’re having a hard time losing those pounds, talk to your doctor about coming up with a diet plan and a safe exercise routine.

Stay Active
While it’s tempting to stay in bed all day to avoid the pain, weakening your muscles from lack of activity can worsen the condition. Consult your doctor if you want to come up with a workout that is safe for your knees, such as cardio exercises that will strengthen your muscles, weight training, swimming, walking, stretching, tai chi, and stationary cycling. There are a lot of safe options out there, so there’s no excuse not to exercise. However, avoid activities that will injure the knees, such as jumping, running, lunging, squatting, and kicking too hard.

Avoid Accidents
It’s important to stay active to maintain your weight and strengthen the muscles that support the knees, however, you also have to be mindful of accidents that can potentially cause injuries. You’re more likely to suffer from falls because of the pain in your knees, so always be careful when using the stairs or walking on slippery floors. Do not be ashamed of using a walking aid or a knee splint if those will help.

Go for Comfort
Going out for walks is an important part of the treatment process, but it’s also essential that you dress comfortably for such activities. Wear quality, well-made shoes that fit comfortably to reduce the stress on your knees. There are also shoe inserts that you can use to add support to your legs while you move.

Listen to the Doctor
Do not ignore symptoms and wait for them to get worse. It’s better if you know what you’re dealing with so you can get the right treatment and still live a quality life. If you want to try alternative treatments such as acupuncture, they should go hand-in-hand with your medication, diet, and exercise for much better results.

Discovering the Literary Genre That’s Right for You

May 1st, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Literature - (Comments Off on Discovering the Literary Genre That’s Right for You)

Let’s say you’ve just started reading and haven’t got a clue as to where your interest lies. Maybe you find all genres attractive but you still want to find out which one is your favorite. Perhaps they all are? Well, this is definitely possible sometimes but not always. Mostly, people really do have their own favorite genre. It might take a couple of books before you actually realize what you want to read, but once you’ve found your genre, there’s definitely no stopping you!

Most likely you’ve just started reading since you haven’t found your favorite genre yet. That’s okay. We’re here to help you!

Here are a few ways to find your favorite genre:

1. Read Summaries
You can’t find your favorite genre until you’ve read other genres. You won’t have to spend your time reading about every single genre there is. Trust me, there’s a lot. All you have to do is to read a couple of summaries. Summaries are not only easier to read, they also give you the perfect view of whether you like a specific genre or not.

2. Follow Authors
When it comes to movies, people definitely have their favorite directors. Now what about those people who take pleasure in reading? Shouldn’t they have their favorite author? Sadly, some people only appreciate what other’s work without recognizing the master behind it. There are a lot of tough choices out there. Following an author will give you a greater peak into the specific genre they stand behind.

3. Look at structures
Admire the structure of the book and not just the story. The story is very important but there are more things to put in mind when it comes to books aside from a story. There is a clear difference when people tell a story and when people read one. The people who tell stories usually want you to believe their version of the story following every word they say. When it comes to reading, it is entirely different. How the author writes the book directly impacts the way you perceive it. Trust me, some of us have really colorful imaginations and this is the magic of reading.

4. Read more
Basically just continue reading. It is okay to read a bad book or uninteresting book every once in a while. The important thing is that you get to read good books too! Books are the backbone of learning. Although people can learn verbally by choice of hearing, there are some things that have to be read in order for people to experience the full potential of their wildest imaginations.

Not everyone is the same when it comes to their genre. One thing that we all know as a fact though is that life is too short for bad books.

Improving Your Literary Taste Through the Classics

May 1st, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Literature - (Comments Off on Improving Your Literary Taste Through the Classics)

Nothing beats reading a classical book. When it comes to art and literature, we tend to become attracted with just the surface of the whole artistic world. What we read today is just a fraction of literary beauty and it is definitely true that to get something you want, you must ask for more. A peculiar theory that has turned out to be quite effective is that to get what you want, you must ask for a little more.

It may seem a bit bizarre if you think about it because how on earth is it possible for you to be able to get what you want by extending an extra mile since you’ve gone way past it? The theory comes from the saying “practice makes perfect” this saying has been accepted for a long period of time without question or second thoughts but then a somewhat ignorant but shocking response suddenly emerged.

The response goes like this, “but nobody is perfect, so why practice?” this sort of shocked people and some of them even digested this without hesitation. Thankfully, somebody came up with a response for this absurd question. The answer is “nobody is perfect and that is why you should aim for perfect because if you aim for perfect, you will miss the mark. You will end up becoming excellent.” This is why the word excellence is most commonly used in the academe instead of the word perfect.

Anyway, what does this have to do with classical literature? The thing about classical literature is that it is one step further than your average reading. There are so many things that make classical literature literally difficult to understand. You have to put into mind the setting, culture, and so many other factors when it comes to classical literature. Not everybody is comfortable reading something they can’t relate with but that is the real challenge, to be able to learn about something without having much in common.

This is why they say that reading broadens the mind. The more you read, the more you learn about different cultures, practices, and different people. Isn’t that why you started reading in the first place? To be able to travel, live, or observe another life? Classical literature may not be your common cup of tea, but if you don’t shock your taste buds every once in a while, you won’t be able to improve them.

Who on earth likes eating fried chicken for the rest of their lives, right? Improving your taste in literature means going beyond your boundaries and trying something new which is why classical literature is something you should try to read. Not only will the vocabulary and the setting of the books shock you, it will also help you understand as to how society functions. Despite culture, human beings haven’t actually changed that much.

The basic traits human beings used to possess back then are most likely the same traits people possess right now. Sort of like the saying, you usually meet the same people with different names and places. This is why meeting somebody different for the first time is very important to us. This is the same with books. Try something new. Although classical literature is hard to understand, just try it. Who knows what type of gold you’ll find.

What are The Benefits of Applying Primer before Doing Your Makeup?

March 27th, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style - (Comments Off on What are The Benefits of Applying Primer before Doing Your Makeup?)

Make-up primers are a constant in almost every beauty guru’s Youtube make-up tutorials. While we get the idea that owning a primer is ideal for cosmetic junkies, a lot of us still remain unaware regarding the rich benefits of applying make-up primer.

Primers are designed to prepare the face and skin for the application of foundation. It is also responsible for providing a proper background for other cream products so they can be absorbed better. In deciding whether you need a primer ASAP in your vanity pouch, here are some benefits of applying make-up primer before doing your vanity session.

1. Softens the skin
If you’re aiming for velvety soft skin, applying make-up primer before doing your make up in the morning is one way to achieve it! Primers vary in formulation, however, they all have this uniform effect of making your skin appear softer. Accordingly, it also enhances the smooth effects on your overall makeup appearance.

2. Seals the pores
Another benefit to applying primer before you do your makeup is how it effectively seals your pores. Even if you don’t have large pores, using a liquid foundation can make your pores more visible no matter how small they may be. The product comes to the rescue as it seals the pores and casts a velvet, soft blanket over your skin.

3. Doesn’t irritate the skin/clog the pores
Most makeup primers are non-comedogenic, a term used to label beauty products which are easy and friendly to the face. Using a primer won’t cause a break-out or irritate your skin (regardless of your skin type). The product is also known for not clogging your pores – making it ideal for those who have sensitive skin prone to acne and clogged pores.

4. Helps you achieve a smoother makeup look
Applying primer as a base before you do your makeup look for the day makes your entire face appear like velvet. With such an alluring appearance, you’ll find yourself questioning why it took you so long to get your hands on a trusty primer. Consider it an investment, too. The product is reliable enough that it’s hard not to use one after getting used to it.

5. Helps make-up stay on longer
Additionally, makeup primer is also effective in helping your makeup stay on longer. If you’re out for a long corporate event or planning to spend hours outdoors, you’ll be better off applying a prim coat of primer before doing your makeup. Makeup primers decrease sweating through the pores, so your makeup can stay in place longer than usual.

The primer coat also serves as your shield for water, dust, and other tiny debris that may wear your make-up off.
This list is compiled in no particular order.

The Best Setting Sprays in Singapore to Help your Make-Up Last Longer

March 27th, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style - (Comments Off on The Best Setting Sprays in Singapore to Help your Make-Up Last Longer)

Singapore’s humid and warm weather makes any make-up wearer prone to gradual product collapse the moment they head outside. While this can be a real struggle, there are accessible remedies in store for you! One of them is the use of a make-up setting spray, which offers you an instant ticket in keeping your make-up last longer.

Think of it as locking your make-up in place for the long day ahead. While these reliable mists were intended for professional use, it has long become a consumer staple among Singapore make-up junkies. The product prevents total meltdowns by regulating the skin’s oil production, so you don’t have to worry about a retouch every now and then.

Make-up setting sprays also vary depending on one’s skin type and needs – it may give a dewy glow, hydrate dull and dry skin, and others keep the skin matte. With so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down 5 of the best setting sprays you can buy in Singapore:

• Make Up For Ever Mist and Fix Setting Spray
This hydrating mist does not only give you a nice, dewy glow – but it also keeps your make-up in place for up to 12 hours. The formula is alcohol-free, making it suitable for those with dull and dry skin since it protects your make-up without drying effects. Aside from that, the Mist and Fix setting spray is also rub-resistant and sweat-proof.

• Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist (SPF50)
It takes twice the effort to apply sunscreen and setting spray separately, but what if we tell you there’s one product that can multitask both? This Supergoop multitasker is a steal, with its SPF50 protection and broad spectrum. With just a few sprays, it can also provide your complexion an instant refreshing especially in the middle of a long and busy day.

• Urban Decay Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
Promising up to 16-hours of protected makeup wear, Urban Decay’s makeup setting spray is considered as one of the leading setting spray choices in Singapore. The mist is known to prevent caking, melting, and creasing – even when under the sun or engaged in sweaty activities. It may cater to all skin type, but the product is not encouraged for those with sensitive or dry skin (due to the presence of alcohol).

• Pixi Glow Mist
If you’re big on skincare, then this glow mist is the right product for you! It doesn’t promise long make-up wear compared to other setting sprays, but it adds a beautiful luminosity to your complexion with just a few sprays. The effect is unparalleled too – considering the formulation is made of 13 natural oils, propolis and niacinamide, and various food extracts.

Why Everyone Should Cook

February 22nd, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Cooking - (Comments Off on Why Everyone Should Cook)

Cooking is a fundamental skill that would work to our advantage if we have this skill. Well, if you look at it in a more practical way, you really do save a lot from cooking a meal rather than buying one. Everything nowadays has become so accessible. With one phone call made, you can have food delivered right to your door but hey, nothing really beats the classical home cooked meal.

Cooking is something that involves not only skill but also intellect especially if you are cooking without following a certain recipe. Well, cooking with a recipe is great, but then again, where’s the thrill and growth? You’ll neer really grow if you don’t try out something new. Most of the best recipes started out as experiments anyway.

What most people do not exactly understand is that cooking involves more than just food. Cooking for your parents, relatives, or maybe even your friends could be a big deal since they are putting their trust on you to cook them a hearty meal. It is understandable that some types of food do not taste good on their own but this is why we cook, to make them taste better.

Cooking should be a skill taught to people as early as the age of 10 or 13 because it is a basic survival skill. One of the hardest things that could happen is if you learn to cook way too late. Way back in ancient times, the three strongest skills our ancestors used to have was gathering, hunting, and cooking. Imagine having to hunt for your food! Now that would be really inconvenient.

Everything nowadays has been made easy and accessible. Instead of having to scavenge for food, you can just simply buy from the grocery store. Instead of having to gather wood and build a fire, all you have to do is turn the stove on. Instead of having to hand pick and search around for the necessary ingredients, all you have to do is check out the selection from the grocery store.

Cooking may not be something that everyone is passionate about. We get it, maybe cooking just isn’t for them. But for some people, cooking is something that makes them happy! Another great thing about cooking is tasting your own food. If you cook the food you eat, it’ll definitely taste better! Well, not all the time though. But despite that, the more you cook, the more you’ll learn to value your food. Food is a very important part of life if not the most important. Everyone should definitely learn how to cook. Whether it be survival food or something crafted beautifully to make an orchestra around your taste buds, food is very important to our lives, we shouldn’t waste our pallets on bad food.

Burgs by Project Warung

February 22nd, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Food and Eating - (Comments Off on Burgs by Project Warung)

Now, who doesn’t like a good burger? Well, there are just some days when you are craving for that luscious quality burger and just another burger wouldn’t do. In fact, there are some days when you are just craving for that amazing gourmet burgers because another regular burger just won’t do. Sadly, getting a gourmet burger would mean you’d have to spend quite a bigger sum of money just to get that craving satisfied.

But not anymore! Burgs by Project Warung sells amazing gourmet burgers for the price of only $4.50. Imagine that? Quality food doesn’t always have to mean expensive. Honestly, the price is actually sometimes irrelevant. Although price is important because with a higher price, you can taste the more expensive and more exquisite products. But then again, sometimes spending too much just won’t do.

Unless you have a huge salary, you can’t expect yourself to be spending about $20 per meal. That just isn’t practical at all. For the younger generation, enjoying the luxury of food is something hard to experience unless maybe with your parents or if somebody else buys a meal for you. Just ask yourself, why should you spend more for food when you can spend just the right amount of money for amazing food?

Going back to Burgs by Project Warung, this place was started by three people who went to culinary school together. Although they were really close, they didn’t start Burgs by Project Warung right away, they still went their separate paths after college. They worked at different restaurants gathering amazing techniques and experiences from each of the. They were even able to work at a Michelin Star restaurant!

Now, they got back together and started to form Burgs by Project Warung which sells amazing quality burgers with fries at the price of $4.50. How do you know it’s good? Well, let’s just say that it is actual chilled Australian beef which they grind themselves! The quality of the ingredients they are using is without compromise although still within the budget. You’ll definitely feel like you got what you paid for when you by a burger from Burgs by Project Warung.

Getting a good meal doesn’t mean you have to break your back spending a huge amount of money just to get high quality food. Sometimes there are high quality food offer at more affordable costs. Why would you want to miss the opportunity to eat a good burger at the price of only $4.50? When people say getting good food in Singapore is expensive, they honestly don’t know where to eat. Good food doesn’t have to come with an expensive price.