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Applying for an Art School

June 20th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in About Singapore

Art schools in Singapore warmly welcome everyone with the desire to pursue art studies and hone their talents and skills further. However, admission to these art schools will require every applicant to undergo portfolio review, personal interview, and live auditions.

Your Talent

It may sound a little harsh, yet reality really bites. If you don’t have a talent, you shouldn’t expect to be getting through the admission process of your dream art school. Even if you perform well in the academics and have good grades, what the admission committee looks for are your talents, skills, and abilities.

The Requirements

Be keen to check what the school requires from every applicant. Bring with you all the requirements as they will not adjust for you in case you miss out on one thing. Impress the admission committee not only through your talent, but more so through showing them how prepared you are.


We all know that practice makes perfect. Don’t let your mind be consumed by the thought of you not being able to impress the admission committee with your talent and skill. Do everything you can to ace the portfolio presentation, interview, and audition. Remember, those students in your dream art school right now had exhausted all possibilities to get better at their craft. Someday soon you’ll be at their shoes. Right now, keep practicing because that is how you will get better.

What You Wear

Dress appropriately for the audition. It is very important that you inquire about the dress code. Unless specified by the art school you are applying for, you are free to wear anything. However, that does not warrant you to be in an improper audition outfit. Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing but make sure it is presentable.

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