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5 Tips for a Lasting Marriage

January 23rd, 2016 | Posted by Editor in Relationship Sharing


No matter where you come from, marriage is something sacred and cherished. It is not a mere union of the hearts but it is a union of soul and lives of two different individuals loving and sharing each other’s life. It is the bond of togetherness held together by a sacred divinity from above. It’s more than living together, it’s being part of each other way beyond what an individual can ponder.


Different countries have different traditions in marriage. In Singapore, a hair combing ritual is practiced as a sign of the bride and grooms transition from becoming a man from a boy, a woman from a girl. This usually comes in many Chinese weddings with the belief of having a blessed and harmonious marriage life as a couple.

Various ceremonies are done all in the hope of blessing the oneness of the newly wed and to wish them a something good in their relationship. These ceremonies are done to ask blessing for the new chapter in life of two hearts beating as one.  But what is really needed to make your marriage a happy and lasting one? Here are five simple tips for a lasting marriage:

  1. Compliments are a must. Always find the beauty in each other. Complimenting your partner will help you maintain the harmonious relationship as husband and wife. Simple compliments like “You look lovely today” or “You cook so well” makes a big difference in your relationship. It is not only pleasing in the ears, but as well as feeding up to your partner’s heart. It’s the sweetest and simplest effort you can do to the one you love. Just simply state the lists of the attributes that you adore from your partner and the work is done. Try it, it’s free though.


  1. Always have time. Time is a luxury that no one can afford – but it is certainly the BEST luxury that your partner deserves. Your time is the best gift that you can give to your partner. Despite your hectic schedules, always find time to do things together like go out on a movie date, dine at a romantic restaurant or even going to the gym together. Basically just any activity where you and your partner can bond together alone. Try to do the old things you do when you were still not married – just go on a date like it’s the first night that both of you went out. You can also enjoy vacations with your kids, if you have, and do activities under the sun. Just go out there, and spend quality time.


  1. Surprises are good. Who says surprises comes in big boxes wrapped in a fancy-decorated wrapper with an enormous red ribbon? Surprises doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be bought in a very expensive amount or the like. A simple breakfast in bed, after work massage or a candle light dinner after a stressful day may be simple but it’s the value of the effort and surprise that counts. Little things do mean a lot – and it’s the little things that counts big when added up. Your partner deserves to be surprised sometimes. It doesn’t just boost your marriage but it can also help you build that fulfillment at times.


  1. Keep the romance. Romance each other once in a while. Yes – you are married, and making love is one of the secret to keep your marriage to the beat. Have a dose of physical intimacy and maintain that heat between you and your partner. Romance is not only about sex though – you can cuddle close together, hold and feel each hands together, kiss the stress away to simply make things better. Intimacy helps a lot and even a simple gesture of love and affection can help things burn forever.


  1. Stay in-love. Time may pass, seasons may change, but love never goes old. What better way for a marriage to last is to stay in the love bubble. Always remember how much you love each other. Forever cherish in your heart the love you both have for each other, the love where you both lived, you both felt comfortable and the love that gives you the reason to live. Just keep loving every waking day of your life, like the vows you made to love and hold each other till you hold the last stroke of life.


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