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13 Tips for Finding the Right Gynaecologist for You

January 8th, 2016 | Posted by Editor in Health Watch

Visiting one’s gynaecologist regularly for routine tests and check-ups should be a priority for every woman. If you’re planning to get pregnant, it is even more important to find a good gynae for your prenatal check-ups. To help you find a qualified health provider, we’ve listed some tips on how you can pick the best gynaecologist for you.


1. Create a List. In order to find a good gynae, try to define first the word ‘good’ based on what’s personally important for your health status. Before you start searching, come up with a list of qualifications that you think your gynaecologist should posses. Here’s a good start:

• Education – Where and when the gynaecologist received his or her training, and whether the person is board-certified.
• Expertise – Areas he or she specializes in, such as infertility, obstetrics, menopause, and prenatal care. Your current phase of life will help you determine the specialties that should matter most to you.
• Experience – Amount of time the person has been practicing gynaecology in his own clinic or in a hospital.
• Philosophy – When it comes to dealing with topics like alternative therapies and birth control, looking for a gynae who shares similar views to yours will definitely increase the chances of you being satisfied with your gynae’s services.

2. Consult Your Physician. This is one of the most important tips when picking a gynaecologist. Your general physician is someone who already knows you and your body well, and so is probably the most qualified person to recommend a Singapore gynae to you. Your GP should be able to guide you in searching for the right professional that will suit your particular needs.

3. Ask Your Health Insurance Company. You would want to pick a gynaecologist that’s in the network of providers of your health care plan. This way, all your visits will be covered by your insurance and you’ll be able to save money from check-up and consultation fees.

Get Trusted References. Another easy way to look for the right professional is to ask your family and friends. Most women will be more than willing to give you the name of their gynaecologist if they’re happy with the services. You might find out that many of them engaged gynaecologist doctors at Thomson in Singapore due to the highly qualified doctors there. Doing so also allows you to hear bad reviews about certain specialists so you can avoid them.

4. Do Your Own Research. The gynaecologists you have shortlisted should be licensed. To be sure with his or her standing, do check with your state medical board or your Singapore health insurance provider for additional information on the gynaecology practitioners you’re considering to hire.

5. Consider the Clinic’s Location. This is an important point to consider when choosing a gynae, especially if you have an existing gynaecological problem or if you’re currently on the maternity phase. The closer your gynaecologist is to your place the better, so your doctor is easily accessible whenever the need arises.


6. Think About the Professional’s Gender. Another important thing to consider when picking your gynae is whether or not the gender of the person matters to you. While there are some who don’t mind having a male gynae, most women feel comfortable with female gynaecologist.

7. Check on the Doctor’s Reputation. You’ll be sharing some of the most intimate information about your life—your body and your sexuality—with your gynaecologist so be extra particular with your standards in finding a reputed doctor. Check with various hospitals and clinics about a doctor’s works, history, and ethics.

8. Set Up an Introductory Meeting. You can’t simply decide on which gynaecologist to get based in reference and reputation alone. You’ll need to meet the person yourself and find out how easy the person is to get along with. Notice how the gynaecologist interacts with you and answers your question, and if he or she seems up to date with the latest news and trends in the field of gynaecology.

9. Accessibility of Gynaecologist. While Singapore doctors are always busy, they should still remain available for their patients. Talk with the previous clients of a potential gynaecologist and ask whether or the specialist was able to attend to her needs. Knowing this information gives you an idea of what to expect from a gynae’s services.

10. Consider the Doctor’s Staff. As important as your gynaecologist’s personality is her assistants. In most hospitals, it’s the assistants who will prep you up for the examination. Remember that on your delivery day, it’ll be this team who you will be spending most of the time with since your gynae will only appear during the final minutes of your labour. Therefore, as much as possible, get the feel from the junior doctors and nurses assisting your gynaecologist. Be sure to look for some sensitivity and smile.

11. Choose Someone Within Your Budget. Cost is another logistic factor that’s worth considering when choosing your specialist. If you’re insured, do find out if the clinic or hospital is covered by your insurance. If the hospital is not covered, find out how much you’d get as a reimbursement. If you have no health insurance, ask around about the hospital and doctor consultation fees, and then see whether or not it fits your budget.

12. Think of Your Comfort Level. Aside from the accessibility of your gynae, another important thing to consider when picking your specialist is your comfort level. Your comfort is of utmost importance especially when discussing body and sexual problems, as well when going through gynaecological examinations.
Your gynaecologist will play an important role in keeping your reproductive health healthy, so make sure you trust your specialist completely. Unless you are fully satisfied, never settle for less.


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