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12 Fascinating Facts About Love  

April 30th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Love and Relationships

Love moves in mysterious ways… and in surprising ways, too. Whether or not you need proof of that, here are 12 fascinating facts about love that most people don’t know. Study them, ponder on them, and share them with the one you fancy.


Fact #1: The feeling of having “butterflies in the stomach” is the body’s natural stress response, caused by the rush of adrenaline, when we see the person that we love or like (or lust after).

Fact #2: When we fall in love, the amount of the ‘feel good’ chemicals running through our brain appears to be in the same amount to someone heavily addicted to cocaine.

Fact #3: Because men are more attracted to physical beauty, they are said to fall in love much faster than women, according to a US study. In fact some may have been scientifically proven to have fallen in love at first sight.

Fact #4: A hug from one’s romantic partner increases the level of oxytocin—or the ‘love’ hormone—in the brain, which is linked to boosting heart rate and reducing blood pressure.


Fact #5: Love causes the same level of physical stress as deep fear. You can see similar signs, like sweating of palms, increased heart rate, and dilation of pupils.

Fact #6: Brain scans show that when people see photos of their beloved, they experience activation of caudate—the portion of the brain than involves cravings.

Fact #7: A man’s beard grows fastest when he is anticipating sex.

Fact #8: After a break-up or when we’re dumped by someone we’re attracted to, we actually fall even more in love with them—up to a certain time. This is because the part of our brain that that controls our romantic feelings continues to be active.

Fact #9: Falling in love induces a calming effect to the mind and body, and raises the chances of nerve growth for a year, which can help restore a person’s nervous system and improve their memory.

Fact #10: According to a German study, those men who kiss their significant others first thing in the morning live five years longer than those men who don’t.

Fact #11: Cuddling triggers the same neurological reaction as taking painkillers.

Fact #12: Men are more attracted to women who have the same—or almost the same—bone structure as their mothers, which scientists call ‘sexual imprinting.’

With these fascinating facts about love, you probably now realize how love can be fun and scary at the same time.  However, as long as you know your reason, purpose, and intention behind the love you have for your significant other and for all the people around you, you can go about giving and receiving all the love you can get.


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