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What Your Visitors Need to Know About SG

June 7th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in About Singapore

Singapore is a beautiful place. Many tourists come to Singapore every day to witness its glory and experience its magnificence. If you have visitors from out of the country coming to Singapore, you should do your best to give them a memorable experience. You can be there all throughout their journey but it would be best if at some point in time you let them discover the place on their own.

The thrill of discovering on their own can be fun. What you can do is share some travelling guides and information so they will know. Here are some guides:singapore

On arrival. Disembark is at the Changi airport. The airport to the city is roughly 25 to 30 minutes by car, taxi or MRT. But for public buses, it would take about 45 minutes from the airport to the city limits.

Tax free shopping. Singapore has this tax free shopping called GST (Goods and Services Tax). A 7% GST is excised. As a visitor, they can claim GST for the purchases you bought upon your departure at the Changi airport. You should remind your guest to get a copy of the refund form from the retailer. The customs will then verify it and after the stamp, they can get their refund.

Tipping. Tipping is prohibited at the airport, hotels and restaurants where there is a 10% service charge. This is important so you should tell this to your visitors. If they are asked a tip, they should not give in.

Smoking. Smoking is banned in Singapore especially in public places to include theatres, lifts, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, public transport and government offices. However it is allowable at lounges and discos.

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