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What We Need to Know about Bladeless Fan

June 25th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Lifestyle


Summer is already here and each day is hotter than the previous one. The heat is distracting and uncomfortable. So, to be comfortable, we implore the help of air conditioners. However, if we are serious about decreasing our greenhouse gases emission, we will not use air conditioners. Fans are a better choice.


The good thing is that fans have evolved from the traditional rounded fans to bladeless fans with aesthetic value. Fans are now more appealing especially the bladeless fan. We see bladeless fans in many households here in Singapore. What makes bladeless fan appealing? Here are the things that we need to know about bladeless fan:

  • Mechanism: Unlike our traditional rounded and bladed fans, bladed fans boast of constant airflow. This type of fan blows air from a ring. We do not see any external blades, right? Blades are still present but they are hidden in the base of the fan. The air is drawn in by the fan in the base and then directed up to the ring. The air will come out of the crack.
  • Manufacturer: Bladeless fans were first created by Toshiba in the year 1981 but it was Dyson that claimed their bladeless fans produce constant airflow. Today, Dyson is one of the most popular manufacturers of bladeless fan. It was James Dyson, an industrial engineer, who efficiently made a bladeless fan. In fact, he named it Air Multiplier. The prices of the fans are dependent on the feature. Chinese companies began selling fans for much less. Before purchasing a specific bladeless fan, it is helpful if we implore the help of experts.


  • Multi-function bladeless fan: Dyson presents their bladeless fan with powerful air filter. Not all fans have air filters and air filters are usually found on air conditioners. Dyson developed bladeless fan with air filter that can sieve ultrafine airborne particles. Ultrafine airborne particles refer to pollens, viruses and bacteria that are less than 0.1 microns. The new bladeless fan is aptly called Pure Cool (AM11). The company claims that their bladeless fan can filter 99.95% of ultrafine particles. The filter is effective for only 4,382 hours or approximately 6 months of continuous use.

Now we know something about bladeless fan. So, the next time we choose a reliable one, we know what to look and we understand how it works. Bladeless fans are widely available here in Singapore so looking for models is not hard. The only concern is the price and it varies depending on the features.


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