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What are The Benefits of Applying Primer before Doing Your Makeup?

March 27th, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style

Make-up primers are a constant in almost every beauty guru’s Youtube make-up tutorials. While we get the idea that owning a primer is ideal for cosmetic junkies, a lot of us still remain unaware regarding the rich benefits of applying make-up primer.

Primers are designed to prepare the face and skin for the application of foundation. It is also responsible for providing a proper background for other cream products so they can be absorbed better. In deciding whether you need a primer ASAP in your vanity pouch, here are some benefits of applying make-up primer before doing your vanity session.

1. Softens the skin
If you’re aiming for velvety soft skin, applying make-up primer before doing your make up in the morning is one way to achieve it! Primers vary in formulation, however, they all have this uniform effect of making your skin appear softer. Accordingly, it also enhances the smooth effects on your overall makeup appearance.

2. Seals the pores
Another benefit to applying primer before you do your makeup is how it effectively seals your pores. Even if you don’t have large pores, using a liquid foundation can make your pores more visible no matter how small they may be. The product comes to the rescue as it seals the pores and casts a velvet, soft blanket over your skin.

3. Doesn’t irritate the skin/clog the pores
Most makeup primers are non-comedogenic, a term used to label beauty products which are easy and friendly to the face. Using a primer won’t cause a break-out or irritate your skin (regardless of your skin type). The product is also known for not clogging your pores – making it ideal for those who have sensitive skin prone to acne and clogged pores.

4. Helps you achieve a smoother makeup look
Applying primer as a base before you do your makeup look for the day makes your entire face appear like velvet. With such an alluring appearance, you’ll find yourself questioning why it took you so long to get your hands on a trusty primer. Consider it an investment, too. The product is reliable enough that it’s hard not to use one after getting used to it.

5. Helps make-up stay on longer
Additionally, makeup primer is also effective in helping your makeup stay on longer. If you’re out for a long corporate event or planning to spend hours outdoors, you’ll be better off applying a prim coat of primer before doing your makeup. Makeup primers decrease sweating through the pores, so your makeup can stay in place longer than usual.

The primer coat also serves as your shield for water, dust, and other tiny debris that may wear your make-up off.
This list is compiled in no particular order.

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