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Valentines Gift Ideas for Him  

February 28th, 2016 | Posted by Editor in Relationship Sharing


Valentine’s is not a public holiday but it doesn’t mean it is not observed here in Singapore. Couples make time for this since it is only celebrated once a year. Fancy dinners to restaurants, bouquets of flowers and chocolates are the famous things during Valentines. Couples think of different activities to make the holiday more memorable.

This year, why not give your man an extraordinary gift? There are gifts for your guy whether you have been dating for three months or two years. You just need to be creative. Here are some gift ideas that you can consider for him:


Chocolate-covered bacon

Once in a while, we have to indulge our guy with something sinfully delicious say bacon and chocolate. Instead of giving him the traditional chocolate-covered strawberry, you can try chocolate-covered bacons. There are plenty of recipes that you can consider like bacon candy or brittle. Your guy will truly appreciate it especially if he has sweet tooth.


Girls can also give guys flowers but that would be too feminine. Guys want something manly and you have to think of plants that are versatile enough for them. In this case, you can consider cactus. Cactus will symbolize your love for him – it’ll last. Roses and other flowers will be gone but not the cactus. If your guy is clumsy, perhaps thorny cactus is not the best choice.


Wines are for celebrations or special occasions, which Valentines happen to fall. However, your guy doesn’t want that fancy drink. Sometimes, all he needs is just a beer. Any beer-related gift will surely be appreciated.


Men only need few accessories. They need sunglasses and that is equivalent to your sparkly earrings. If your guy has plenty of sunglasses, then it is time to choose other accessory staples like baseball caps and watches. These things are not that expensive so you don’t need to worry a thing.


Yes, you can consider man-gerie. Man-gerie comprises of boxer briefs as well as sweats. Your guy rarely goes out to shop for his underwear and boxers so surprise him with whatever you choose. When looking for the perfect man-gerie, do not forget to choose soft and appealing ones. Remember that he will wear it until it will disintegrate.

Gift card

Who said that pampering is only for the ladies? Men need to be pampered too. Start with his facial hair maintenance. If you can supply him with a gift card for his facial hair maintenance, he will be happy and feel handsome. Grooming should be encouraged.


Gift basket

After taking care of his facial hair, your man needs some personal pampering. Never look for bath sets because that sounds chic. Instead, look for man crates or dude gift baskets. These are great alternatives to the traditional bath baskets.

Rugged scents

There is always an appeal if your man smells good, right? You should make an effort to help him maintain it. You have to consider scents but never the sweet and floral ones because these are feminine. Instead, look for rugged and woodsy scents. If he doesn’t want scented candles, you can consider colognes that boast of sandalwood, spice and tobacco.

Mounted animals

Stuffed toys are just for females. Its male counterpart is mounted animals. It doesn’t have to be a genuine taxidermy. There are many fake ones and sometimes it looks cool too. However, it won’t hurt if you consider stuff toys.


How about a new phone or Xbox? If that is not too much for you, it is time that you give your guy this and play together. They say that playing together gives a different kind of bonding experience.

At the end of the day, the gift will not matter – expensive or not, it’s the thought that counts. As long as you are present on that day and the remaining days, it will be enough for your guy. Even the littlest gestures can be gifts to him. Remember to show love everyday not just during Valentine’s day.

If you have single friends, let them feel loved. After all, Valentine’s is not only for couples. It is celebrating love regardless of the kind. Celebrate with your friends and family if you still have time. Enjoy the Valentine’s!


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