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Top Old Restaurants That is Found in Singapore

August 11th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Food and Eating

Different background in history proves that Singapore is truly blessed in their dishes. This is through the invasion of various colonizers like British, Chinese, Malay and Indian. Since then, different dishes are introduced to the tongues of many Singaporeans.


You can find several restaurants in Singapore who are as old as your grandfather yet serving delicious foods. One of the restaurants that is recommended by many food lovers is the Yet Con Chicken Rice and Restaurant. This is one of the oldest restaurant that serves the best cuisines. Here, rice is made in a Hainanese style and they call it Yet Con’s chicken rice.

Yet Con Chicken Rice Restaurant is absolutely an old restaurant because it was older than Singapore. It was founded 1940. In fact, the restaurant look like the same as it was first established.


Situated in the Far East Shopping Centre, Shashlik has never been change since its foundation in the 80’s. It is a Hainanese-owned restaurant which is known for its melt-in-your-mouth beef shashlik. Also, they are serving their trademark dish like cherries that are cooked in sugar and butter with vanilla ice cream as its topping.


Red Star

You can never say no to this restaurant situated in Chin Swee Road. Red Star’s journey started in 1970’s and was established by the popular (“four heavenly kings”) chefs during that time. Their signature dish is what they call yusheng. It is a colorful salad with raw fish plus vegetables.

DSC_8975 red star restaurant (Large)


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