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Remembering Our Childhood Through Play  

August 17th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in About Singapore

Remember the times when we were planning to hang out with our friends at the playground after our classes? We grew up but the playground never grows old. When we bring our kids to the playground this time, we will remember the times we spent there playing.


Being a child, we have many memories in playgrounds. Unfortunately, children these days do not hang out often in playgrounds maybe because playing can be done inside the house using their tablets, smartphones or computers.

Where is the fun in that? This is one of the reasons why the SG50 Committee supported the “The Play Project”. Play is spearheaded by Stefen Chow, a photographer. He wanted to capture the playgrounds all over Singapore to remind us of happy times during our childhood and hopefully impart the joy to our children.

11 Holland Drive

Chow, together with Lin Hui-Yi, an economist, chose to emphasize playgrounds here in Singapore because they felt that even small things need recognition since it is part of the society and the lives of the people around. Instead of conventional shots of playgrounds, Chow offered a different outlook. He took aerial shots of playground.

The aerial shots of playground are organized in line with the Mass Rapid Transit map. If users want to view a playground, they only need to click on the station and they will see playgrounds nearby. The project offers aerial views of 100 playgrounds.

Playgrounds are an integral part of the society. We have to know that for every eight housing units, there is a playground built. Today, we have at least 1,400 playgrounds. It is time to get to know other playgrounds and use it to our children’s advantage.


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