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Planning Your Wedding Banquet Menu

June 6th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Weddings

Formulating a wedding banquet menu is relatively easy for some brides, but can get seriously daunting for those who have never tried planning a catered event ever since. To help you create an impeccable banquet for your upcoming wedding, here’s an easy step-by-step guide especially made for inexperienced planners and soon-to-be-brides like you.


1. Start planning early. It is a common rule for wedding planning to start the preparation several months to a year in advance. The earlier the planning begins the better choices of wedding hotel banquet venue and caterers you’ll have. Furthermore, starting your planning early gives you enough time to fix any bumps that may possibly come your way.

2. Determine the time of reception. Decide on the season and time of the day you wish to have your wedding. Do you want an outdoor summer snacking at two o’clock in the afternoon or an elegant autumn dinner at seven o’clock in the evening? The time is the most important decision you’ll have to make to determine what food to serve on your reception.

3. Discuss about the catering arrangement. Talk to your wedding hotel banquet coordinator for the catering arrangement of your event. Many hotel banquet venues in Singapore require their clients to use their in-house caterer for the catering services. If your chosen hotel allows you to choose your own caterer, find out whether you’ll be charged for it or for any corkage fee.


4. Offer a variety of food choices. When choosing dishes for your wedding banquet menu, mix and match different food choices –stationery and passed hors d’oeuvres and hot and cold treats. This way, your guests can always help themselves to the beautiful wedding banquet Singapore table rather than chasing waiters around, and guests enjoying conversations with co-invitees will also be able to experience your delectable treats.

5. Incorporate your own recipe. Try suggesting to your wedding hotel banquet if you can incorporate family recipes to your menu. Weddings are the moments when family members get together, so why not make it extra special by serving foods from your family’s heritage? Feature one family recipe during the cocktail hour and another one during dinner.

6. Consider something unique. Think outside of the box, and try a different kind of banquet menu. For instance, many bridal couples in Singapore today are opting for a dessert banquet instead of a traditional dinner buffet. This isn’t only a budget-saver solution, but can also serve as a unique touch for couples with sweet-tooth.

7. Always do a taste test. Banquet venues and caterers offer complimentary taste testing to their clients, so make sure not to skip this procedure. While most caterers can only provide taste testing for brides and grooms, consider asking how much it will cost to have your parents or honor invitees to attend to give you varied opinions.


Wedding planning does require a lot of decision-making, but creating your banquet menu need not to be as stressful as the rest of the wedding planning. Put some thought into the creation of your menu and work closely with your hotel banquet to ensure that everybody in your wedding will have an occasion to cherish and remember forever.

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