Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Your commercial kitchen equipment keeps your restaurant running; a break-down may mean lost profits, disadvantaging both you and your customers. Even if it doesn’t break down, ill-maintained equipment can still cause you to lose profits, since it does not work as efficiently as it could. The worst-case scenario is that it poses a health risk to your customers, as ill-maintained equipment can corrode or leak.

Maintaining your equipment also makes sure that you catch minor malfunctions before they turn into larger, more expensive breakdowns. It is of utmost importance to keep your equipment maintained to make sure that it is performing at its best.

1. Fill out the warranty card

Although filling out warranty cards is a small and easy step that can help you in the long run, many people neglect to fill out their warranty cards. The warranty card is your proof that you are eligible for post-sale benefits, which may include free repairs and maintenance.

You will need to fill out the warranty card with your details and return it to your commercial kitchen supplier or the place where you bought your equipment. Purchasing your kitchen equipment from www.alpscreative.com in Singapore will give you a number of days to return your warranty card before it is voided. Just make sure to ask how many days exactly your filled up warranty form should be returned for it to be considered valid.

2. Read the manual

Reading the manual helps you maintain your equipment to the best of your abilities. It helps you find the specific equipment you’ll need, and what you’ll need to do specifically for your model. If you bought your equipment second-hand, or if you have misplaced your manual, most commercial kitchen suppliers make their manuals available online, including models that are old or discontinued.
Your manual can also make sure that you are using your equipment properly. Not using your equipment properly will mean more damages to your commercial kitchen equipment, which could lead to avoidable expenses.

Reading your manual also makes sure that all the functions of your equipment are used to its fullest, and that you aren’t ignoring a feature that could have helped your kitchen. Immediately after purchasing, allot some time to read your manual and cross-reference it with the equipment you bought.

3. Educate employees

Just as you have educated yourself on how to use, clean, and maintain your commercial kitchen equipment, you would also need to pass your knowledge to your employees. Equipment misuse is one of the leading causes of malfunction, and most warranties are voided when an equipment is misused. Aside from teaching your employees how to use the equipment, also teach them how to properly clean and maintain it, to avoid unnecessary repairs.

4. Clean regularly

You should make sure that your employees regularly clean your equipment. Even stainless steel, from which most appliances are made of, such as stove-tops and counter-tops, should be properly cared for to avoid corrosion.

Aside from daily cleaning, all your commercial kitchen equipment should also undergo a regular cleaning, both weekly and monthly. This can make sure that grime and dirt do not accumulate in hard-to-reach places. In order to do this efficiently, you could assign your employees regular cleaning schedules.

Your kitchen should also undergo a deep cleaning once every few months. You will need to close your kitchen to customers for a day or two. For kitchens who operate daily, you can choose to close during slow months. For those who can afford it, there are many cleaning services available in Singapore who could do the job for you.

However, if you are doing the cleaning yourself, make sure to clean your equipment properly. Make sure to read all cleaning labels, and check your equipment’s manual to make sure that it is safe to use. Be sure to follow all cleaning instructions, and do not mix chemicals to avoid creating toxic fumes.

5. Regular inspections

Regular inspections can help you avoid bigger expenses by fixing minor malfunctions before they turn into larger, more expensive breakdowns. You may choose to do your inspections along with your regular cleaning to save time and effort. You will need to check moving parts, connections, and other components for wear, tears, and leaks. You may even check your warranty if you are eligible for regular inspections. If not, you could hire a third-party service here in Singapore.

6. Replace broken or worn-out parts

Replacing broken and worn-out parts helps keep your equipment in tip-top shape. This is a good step to take after inspecting your equipment. Make sure to replace all parts that look worn-out to keep your equipment is running efficiently. Be sure to buy the correct pieces for your equipment; the wrong type of pieces may worsen the problem instead of fixing it. Your manual will specify the kind of parts that you will need and how to replace them, so make sure to read it thoroughly.

7. Avoid DIY fixes

Do-it-yourself fixes should only be done if you are completely confident that you could fix the problem. While DIY fixes are a great way to save money, they may cause more trouble than they are worth. For example, DIY fixes can be grounds for a voided warranty, so be sure to read the warranty before any attempts.

If you are not completely sure about what you are doing, however, your attempts to fix the equipment may cause further damage, which means additional payment on your part. It is best to stay safe and stick to having authorized services doing the repairs for you.

Let’s Get Physical: 5 Benefits to Morning Exercises

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With the busy hustle of work and personal life on the daily, it can be quite a challenge to make time for exercise during the day. This is especially true during the morning, where we squeeze a number of rushed activities like cooking breakfast in haste and preparing to go to work before the clock says you’re about to be late.

However, sweating it out while the morning sun is still up can be a wonderful routine to follow. Not only does it boost your positivity for the day but it also provides many other benefits other than just keeping you in shape.

• Improvement in productivity
What better way to start your morning than getting your endorphins on the move? Sweating it out early makes you more awake and puts you on an alert state of mind, both of which prepares you for the work you have to do for the day. Your productivity will be much greater. Giving yourself an extra energy boost will also help you accomplish more things!

• Most likely to turn into a routine
Results of various research show that people who exercise in the morning are most likely to become consistent exercisers compared to those who exercise later in the day. Our bodies get accustomed to routinized activities easily. If you manage to make it through the struggle of getting up early to stretch or jog, your body will enjoy the benefits it’ll bring in the long run.

• Less scheduling conflicts
With roughly 31% of Singapore employees opting to stay late at work, it can be a conflict to squeeze in time for some exercise at the end of the day. Sometimes, exercising after work can be a tiring thought in itself that you’d rather just go home and sleep your exhaustion away. You are less likely to skip on your vital physical health time if you get up early and do your workout session in the morning.

• Boost in metabolism
Continuously, you still burn calories even after your morning workout is over and done with. Chances are you will be burning a whole lot of calories for the whole day long with the increase in your metabolism rate. Plus, a study found out that doing a morning exercise session sheds more calories than an evening workout even if they are both at a similar intensity.

• Better Sleep
Working out in the evening can be a hindrance for you to doze good night. A lot of people toss and turn in bed for quite some time after an invigorating evening exercise session, as they are unable to quickly fall asleep with their bodies still in an alert and awake state. On the contrary, regular workouts during the morning can do wonders for your good night sleep!

Hack Your Way to Happiness: 5 Things That Naturally Stimulate Endorphins

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We all have our fair share of bad days. When we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, it seems as if misery is all that we know and happiness is nothing but an abstract concept. These days may get difficult to deal with — but positive neurochemicals like the endorphins are partly responsible for our general well-being. The good news is? It is possible to hack our way into increasing them.

Healthy diet and exercise are only some of the common ways of boosting the body’s endorphins, the natural feel-good hormones, but this article will also present some other ways where you can enjoy a quick endorphin boost.

Vanilla or lavender
Have you ever wondered why common fragrance oils, air fresheners, or candles have common scents of vanilla and lavender? That is because they are some of the aromas which have been proven to effectively lift up one’s mood. They also increase the production of our body’s feel-good chemicals, endorphins, and in turn help in reducing anxiety and improving insomnia. Dabbing some of them on your wrist could go a long way for the day!

Ginseng has been shown to stabilize stress hormones in the body as well as improve the organs that make such hormones. Generally, the herb is known to benefit people who are feeling under the weather due to fatigue and stress. There is also evidence that it improves cognitive functions, concentration and memory. With that, muscles in the body use energy in a much more efficient manner.

As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Studies has shown it helps in lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and triggering the release of endorphins. It seems the more we laugh, the better our overall health becomes. It also gives us a better perspective in life as well as a general sense of well-being. Besides, distracting ourselves from our problems by laughing them away is practical and convenient. It’s free!

A lot of us chocolate lovers like to savor in the sweetness because it gives us a sense of bliss. As a matter of fact, it has been one of the most common guilty pleasures of many Singaporeans. Sure, it has a high fat content, but chocolate has been actually proven to be beneficial to the body if consumed in moderation. It is rich in chemicals that trigger more release of endorphins, hormones which promote pleasure and relieve pain.

Listening to the music you like has its own way of lifting up your spirits especially if you are feeling down. We all enjoy hearing music playing in the background, but to truly experience music means actively listening to it. It has been found out to be the perfect avenue to trigger joy and unleash chemicals in the brain which helps you feel good, like endorphins. As the old song goes, music makes the world go round.

Perhaps aside from celebrities, all of us could only dream of going to a hair salon everyday to have our hair styled. Fortunately, there are ways for us to keep our locks healthy and beautiful without spending too much cash or time. (Maintaining your hair will also allow you to enjoy the time and effort you have invested to have it styled at a hair salon in Singapore.)

Here are ways to keep your crowning glory healthy and beautiful.

1. Wash Your Hair Regularly

There are some stylists who will tell you that washing everyday will damage your hair, but this is not true. In fact, failure to wash your hair on a regular basis—especially during hot and humid days—will result to seborrhea or dandruff. There are correct ways to shampoo that www.myhairdobar.com.sg in Singapore can show you, however, that you should observe so that you don’t expose your hair to a lot of chemicals. Use only a few drops of shampoo when washing, then use the tips of your fingers to massage your scalp gently. Next, rinse thoroughly in cold water (never use hot water!) before towel-drying your hair.

2. Invest in Good Hair Tools

What’s the secret of the best hair salon in Singapore in creating beautifully-styled hair? They use only the best quality hot tools on your hair. If you’re thinking of spending money on hair styling tools for your personal use, don’t hesitate to shed extra money on modern and improved models that will reduce the damage on your hair. There are hot styling tools that don’t dry hair and will require less time—and fewer burning accidents—to use. Keep in mind to use hot tools sparingly because these can still damage your hair faster than all the chemicals you apply to style your hair.

3. Know Your Hair Care Ingredients

Another secret to great hair is knowing what you’re applying on it whenever it’s styled. Most hair salon in Singapore also formulate their own products that contain moisturizers and strengthening proteins that prevent damage or restore the vitality of your over-styled crowning glory. Not all hair products will work for all types of hair, so make sure to talk to your stylist before making any changes.

4. Limit the Use of Dry Shampoo

There are a lot of hair products out there, including the convenient dry hair shampoo designed as an alternative to regular wet shampoo. While it’s okay to use it from time to time, your stylist at the hair salon will tell you that frequent usage can cause residue to build up on your scalp. The residue will cause itching and irritation and can even dry out your hair.

5. Slow Down on Salon Treatments

While it may be extremely tempting to go for another keratin treatment because of the great experience, even your stylist at the hair salon in Singapore will advise you to space your hair treatments. That’s because frequent exposure to chemicals can damage your hair instead of achieving the intended result of the treatment. The best hair salon in Singapore will usually give you a consultation before any procedure can be recommended. Ask about the correct spacing of hair treatments and other procedures and never lie to your stylist about any styling you have had because this may lead to wrong use of treatments that could be very damaging to your hair.

6. Stick to the Same Hair Care Products

Your stylist at the hair salon in Singapore will tell you that frequently switching hair products will not give you more beautiful hair. If you have found a product that works for you, stick to it and think only of changing if you think it’s not as effective as it used to be. The best hair salon in Singapore also manufacture their own hair products, so try those out if you want all-natural ingredients for your hair.

7. Limit Sun Exposure

This can be difficult especially you like walking and swimming, but try to limit your exposure to UV rays, salt water and wind. If this cannot be avoided, make sure to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated every time you go out or you take a dip. Treat your hair as you would your skin, because they are the most noticeable parts of your body.

8. Have it Trimmed

Even when you’re trying to grow your hair, it needs a trim a few times a year to prevent split ends especially if you style your hair often. Your trip to the hair salon will also allow your stylist to suggest treatments for any hair problem or to recommend a new hairstyle to fit your needs. If you can’t decide what hairstyle looks best on you, the stylist will be able to give suggestions based on the shape of your face and your lifestyle.

9. Keeping Your Child’s Hair Healthy

Teaching your child how to keep his/her hair healthy should be part of the health and hygiene lessons. The hair will reflect the child’s overall health so make sure that he/she knows how to shampoo, dry and comb the hair properly. Use products and tools that are safe for the child’s scalp and explain why some hair products are not appropriate for his/her sensitive skin yet. You also have to watch out for prolonged exposure to UV rays, salt and wind whenever the child goes out. A hat or cap will usually suffice as protection, so there is no need to apply chemicals that are made for adults.

10. Keeping Facial Hair Healthy

Facial hair is also difficult to maintain and needs the same love and attention that you would give to long hair. To find out the style that will suit you best, there are beard stylists at the hair salon today who can help you decide. Determine when you need to schedule a trim, especially if you’re still growing your beard. Don’t forget to wash it regularly and to apply conditioner, especially if you have a full beard.

Investing on the right alkaline water ioniser machine is certainly the best way to reap the benefits that are associated with drinking alkaline water. With the different types of products and machines, it’s now easier to manipulate the pH level of your water. Nonetheless, finding the right filtration system that suits your budget and preferences could prove to be a bit challenging. To help you deal with that, we listed down some of the important attributes you should consider before coming up with a decision.

1. Price

An alkaline water ionizer could get pricier than usual, but the good the news is, its price may vary substantially. Although some could cause a few hundred bucks, there are also others that can be very affordable. If you are unable or unwilling to spend much for a water ionizing machine, simply opt for pH drops and a pitcher of tap or distilled drinking water. This will save you a good amount of money, but do remember that paying more will give a large quantity of already ionized water.

2. Appearance

Although its appearance won’t make or break a product, it’s never a bad idea to opt for an alkaline water ionizer with great aesthetics. Choosing an unsightly machine will force you to hide it after each use. If you want your filtration system to sit on your countertop for eternity, you need to ensure that its features a beautiful design and cool style.

3. Weight and Size

If you live a rather hectic lifestyle or is always on-the-go, then you need to invest in an ionizer that provides portability. These machines from www.h2olifesource.com in Singapore often vary in weight, depending on their design. A water ionizer’s average weight would be anywhere between nine to 12 pounds, with the cheaper brand leaning on the lighter side of scale. Of course, it’s only generalize and you will need to research more if you want to be sure about the size and weight of the machine that you should get.

4. Production Quantity

A Singapore household tend to drink a substantial amount of water each day, causing them to need a bigger quantities of water. If you live alone, however, then you might not need the same amount of water. To find the right water ionizer for your specific situation, you would want to consider your daily water consumption. If you tend to drink more water, you would want to purchase a machine that is capable of producing alkaline water more rapidly. If you will be the only one drinking the ionized water, however, then you could settle for a less productive machine.

5. Flow Rate

Another important that you should focus on when choosing a water ionizer is the unit’s flow rate. This will tell you how much alkaline water the machine is capable of producing within a certain period of time. Generally, it will be measured as litres-per-minute ration. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you choose a machine capable of producing a flow rate that can accommodate your and your family’s needs.

6. Installation Procedure

Each water ionizing unit is different and some tend to be more user-friendly than the others. If you are unskilled with your hands, then you would want to purchase a machine that comes with a simple installation process. If the unit’s installation process is too complicated, you might end up feeling frustrated before sending the machine back. If other consumers already complained about the difficulty of installing the water filter, then you are better off looking elsewhere. Some specific models need the assistance of a plumber during installation, which means your total expenses for getting an alkaline water could substantially increase.

7. pH Water Levels

Although it would completely depend on the machine in question, it’s crucial to know that some water ionizers are capable of producing water in various pH levels. Some offer seven different pH levels, while others provide more options. Opting for an alkaline water ionizer capable of determining the pH level that suits your precise needs would be a good idea, but this extra feature could increase the machine’s price to a certain degree. If you don’t want to add in any extra expenses though, ensure that you know what pH level you specifically need before deciding on which machine to purchase.

8. Chamber Cleaning

Most water ionizing machines are fairly simple and only require the basic maintenance procedures. However, it would still require you to put in some effect to keep the machine functioning and running efficiently. If you are looking for the most convenient water filter possible, then you would definitely want to choose one that instantly cleans the electrolysis chamber after every use. This feature is rather rare and could add up to the product’s price, but majority of the consumers in Singapore will definitely agree that it’s well worth the extra cost.

9. Carbon Water Filter

Not that familiar with water ionizing machines? If so, then take extra time to research on each component embedded into the machine. Although it may not seem that important, it’s crucial that you look into the unit’s carbon water filter since it will be in charge of filtering out impurities. Most of the newer water ionizers available in Singapore already have a built-in carbon filtration system, so you should have no problems finding a model that suits your specific needs.

10. Warranty

When you are scouring through the assortment of water ionizers in the market, you will find that most of them come with lengthy warranties. You could even find an alkaline water ioniser machine that is protected by a lifetime warranty. Opting for a machine with this type of warranty will certainly provide a great help in protecting your investment for an extensive period of time. Although it should not be the only factor you need to consider, it’s wise enough to put a huge emphasis on the warranty of your machine.

Enjoying the benefits of alkaline water starts with choosing the right water ionizing unit. So be sure to put the aforementioned factors into consideration to ensure that you cater to both your and your family’s drinking water needs.

For Singapore car owners who frequently experience automotive problems, car mechanics are truly a heaven-sent. They have the capability and skills to fix your car so you don’t have to do it on your own. Do note, however, that working with an auto mechanic can be a real nightmare, especially if you hired the wrong one. So if you want to receive the best car repair service possible, always ensure that you hire the right person for the job. To help you do just that, we listed down some of the important qualities that your prospective auto mechanic should have.

1. Excellent Customer Service

Since they provide car servicing to their customers, auto mechanics should be capable of relating well to their clients. They should be able to make them feel more at ease, while giving them the assurance that their vehicle will be fixed efficiently and properly.

2. Good Diagnostic Skills

The ability to correctly identify any problem in a car is a mark of a good and experienced auto mechanic. It’s crucial to know that not all problems in the car are what it seems. In fact, an external and minor problem might be a sign of a more serious problem. Your prospective auto mechanic like www.merlinmotorworks.com in Singapore needs to identify the problem first, as well as where it’s located before he starts performing any necessary car maintenance and repair services. Plus, he should also have the right kind of tools necessary for diagnosing and locating problems.

3. Strong Communication Skills

Apart from having excellent diagnostic skills, your prospective mechanic should also be able to communicate well and explain technical jargons into words any car owner can understand. If your car needs to undergo brake repairs, for instance, your chosen mechanic should be able to explain in layman’s terms the root of the problem and how it can be fixed, so you will have a better understanding of the car servicing process that will take place.

4. Up-to-Date With the Technology

It can’t be denied that car technology has greatly evolved since its first years. While the basics of car servicing in Singapore remained the same as they were in the 1900’s, there are now new factors to consider in modern age auto repairs. Hence, an auto mechanic should be able to stay up to date with the innovations and changes in the car technology so that he can provide solutions to any problem that may arise in these systems.
For instance, auto mechanics in Singapore these days are already expected to understand how hybrid cars function, as they are becoming more prevalent in the automotive industry. This is why mechanics who are capable of providing the latest solutions to modern-day car issues are considered the best.

5. Complete Familiarity With Car Parts

There are a lot of different automotive parts available in the market today, and an auto mechanic should be knowledgeable of these parts. Most car owners don’t possess enough knowledge about vehicle parts, which is why they depend on the mechanic’s capability and know-hows. The best way to know whether or not your chosen car servicing provider fully knows his business is by asking him to differentiate certain car parts. See whether he’s assertively answering your questions or is simply misleading you.

6. Sufficient Car Repair Experience

Vehicles were made simpler back in the year, but now, the auto market scenario is completely different. More multifarious and high-tech cars are already running on the roads of Singapore, such as sports cars, pick-up trucks and family sedans – thus, the need for auto mechanics with a varied background in car repair services.

A good mechanic is someone who possesses certifications of various training programs, and is well-experienced in the field of auto repair. Hiring a mechanic with sufficient car maintenance and repair experience is beneficial for a car owner, so be sure to choose one who has a good background in offering such services.

7. Employed at a Reputable Car Repair Shop

Those credentials displayed at the walls of a car workshop isn’t just there for advertising. As a matter of fact, a certification is an indication of a shop’s reputation and qualities of the mechanic that they employed. It assures the car owner that the mechanics in that particular service centre passed the state standards in business and auto repair. Plus, it also proves that the auto mechanic is up-to-date with the new car repair techniques and tools. A certification also tells its prospective clients that both the service centre and its auto mechanics are highly motivated to give them the car servicing they are looking and paying for.

8. Solid Work Ethic

Aside from being knowledgeable and having enough work-related experience, a good mechanic is also capable of living up to his promises. If he tells you that your car will be fixed and ready on a specific date, he will do his best to ensure that it happens. He has a good work ethic as well, and is committed to providing his customers with car repair services that they can trust and rely on.

If getting the best auto repair services is what you want, ensure that you choose an auto mechanic who possess the aforementioned qualities. Also, spend enough time researching on any car workshop or auto mechanic near your area, so it will be a lot easier for you to locate an auto expert who you can completely trust and rely on.

You may have seen a lot of beauty and health products that contain aloe vera such as shampoos, lotions, aloe vera gels, and ointments. That’s because aloe very is largely known to have healing properties in folk medicine. Let’s look more into its many uses.

The Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a tropical plant known for its medicinal properties. Its common name is also its binomial name. Aloe vera is known to host the Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus, and the two form a symbiotic relationship that allows the plant to use the minerals found in the soil more efficiently. The fungus thrives in the roots’ cortical cells. The fungus uses sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and micro-nutrients in the soil.

Aloe vera is a stemless and short plant with thick green leaves. Some of the leaves have white specks near the lower or upper stems. The meaty leaves have serrated margins that look like thorns or teeth to some. Aloe vera also produces flowers.

In Singapore, there are some debates regarding the plant’s origin. Some speculate that there is no one true species of aloe vera and that it might be a result of hybridization. Most of aloe today are naturalized. Natural populations of the plant are nearly nonexistent. As it is also cultivated in different parts of the world, so it’s difficult to determine its natural range. However, there are several varieties and synonyms of aloe from www.aloeverasg.com in Singapore found throughout Asia, the Middle East and parts of Sudan and Somalia. Aloe was introduced to southern Europe and China sometime in the 17th century.

The Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also grown as an ornamental plant because it produces beautiful flowers. It’s a hardy plant that can survive with less water and in sunny areas and even in environments with heavy snow or frost. In tropical places like Singapore, you have to be careful with too much exposure to sunlight as the leaves can burn. Make sure to drain the extra water in the pot because that can also weaken the plant. In winter months, the aloe has the ability to go dormant and must be kept indoors. It’s not only adaptive to different climates but it’s also resistant to a lot of insect pests. Just make sure to avoid crowded pots with too many pups near the older plant.

Aloe vera appears in ancient texts and is used in Ayurvedic medicine. Aloe vera in Singapore is used in desserts and beverages too. The aloe vera gel is a clear gelatinous substance. There are contradicting studies about its effects on the body when ingested, so make sure to read the labels when consuming food with aloe vera gel as one of the ingredients.

Aloe Vera Products for the Body

Aloe vera is processed into different products for the body. Most of these are obtained from the aloe vera gel or from the aloe vera latex. The gel comes from the inside of the leaves while the latex are from the substance below the skin of the leaves. Aloe latex is taken as a treatment for a range of diseases, including multiple sclerosis. Aloe vera ointment is used to treat various skin problems, while the juice is used as a substitute for cultured milk to keep the digestive tract healthy. In Singapore, it is also used in a lot of beauty products such as facial tissues, moisturizers, makeup, sunscreen, soap, shampoo, and shaving cream.

Health Benefits

Studies about the benefits of aloe vera are conflicting. While it is one of the most documented medicinal plants in the world, recent research has shown that the aloe vera can be toxic to the body.

Aloe vera is said to contain more than 200 vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help in digestion, nutrient absorption, reduce nitrates, and promote a healthy immune system. In particular, the aloe vera products hydrates and moisturizes skin, reduce the toxins in the body, ease joint and muscle pain, increase the antioxidants, promote healthy digestion by balancing the acidity in the stomach, and increase the digestive system’s nutrient absorption. There are a lot of testimonials from people who have benefited from aloe vera over the centuries. It is also mentioned in historical texts from the Egyptians to the early European colonizers. There is also a rumor that aloe vera was used as a salve for the victims of the nuclear bombs dropped in Japan in World War II.

Aloe vera contains 20 essential amino acids according to some research. It is also known to have 8 enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, B12, choline, and folic acid. Some of its minerals include potassium, zinc, and magnesium. Besides sugars, it also has 4 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory and healing hormones, and 12 anthraquinones. These properties allow manufacturers to use aloe vera in a lot of products from antibacterials, laxatives, anti-inflammatory ointments, antioxidants, and analgesics.

Side Effects and Interactions

While aloe vera has a lot of benefits, there are studies that orally ingesting aloe vera extracts can cause problems. It can be toxic at certain levels and might even be carcinogenic. Some of its side effects include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, low potassium levels, heart and kidney problems and decrease in absorption of nutrients.

When using aloe vera products, make sure to read the labels. There is a recommended dose of aloe vera not just for products that can be ingested but even the application of topical creams. Consult your doctor before using any product and let him/her know if there are any side effects. The aloe latex in particular is known to cause kidney and heart diseases, weight loss and diarrhea when ingested in high doses. You should not use aloe vera gel and latex if you have pre-existing health problems, pregnant or breast-feeding. These products should also be kept out of reach of children below 12 years of age.

As for any type of non-commercial treatment, any alternative medicine in Singapore, including aloe vera, must be taken with precaution. Aloe vera has proven to be beneficial, but only in controlled doses.

Shaping Your Eyebrows

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Eyebrows are a separate industry in fashion in beauty. Get to know the techniques used to shape eyebrows and find the best salons in Singapore which offer these services.

Eyebrow Fashion

The Egyptians used to shave their brows then darken them with galena as part of their make-up. The Greeks and Romans meanwhile preferred unibrows and painted them with soot or powdered mineral. Some even wore fake brows made from dyed goat’s hair.

China’s Tang Dynasty preferred dot eyebrows. Heian Japan shaved then redrew their eyebrows, while Medieval Europe preferred very thin eyebrows. When cosmetics became more common in the 20th century, brow styles changed often. In recent years, lower arches are the standard.

Shaping Eyebrows

The following are techniques to enhance and shape eyebrows.

1. Contouring – This is done by applying make-up to shape the eyebrows. Eyebrow shading is a market all on its own.
2. Tweezing – You can do this yourself at home with tweezers and a mirror.
3. Threading – This is a bit trickier if you’re doing this by yourself. You trap each hair in a lasso to pull it out.
4. Waxing – It’s faster than tweezing and threading but it can cause skin trauma and redness.
5. Tinting – The dye used in darkening light eyebrows are made from vegetables. It fades in six weeks.
6. Henna – A henna paste is applied to darken the eyebrows. It’s like staining the eyebrows temporarily.
7. Brow Enhancers – They come as serums, gels and oils that promote hair growth for those with naturally thin eyebrows.
8. Eyebrow Extensions – Extensions are placed one by one using surgical adhesive after an outline is made.
9. Microblading – This is one type of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. A very fine blade is used to cut and deposit pigments into the skin.
10. Hair Stroke Eyebrows – This is a permanent eyebrow tattooing technique done with the help of a machine with needles by creating hair-like strokes.
11. Powder Filled Eyebrows – Areas on the eyebrow are filled with pigments to make the existing eyebrows darker.
12. Feathering – The hair-like strokes are placed much closer to each other using needles then allowing the dye to penetrate the incisions.
13. Soft-Shading – It creates the illusion of a shadow by brushing pigments on the skin.
14. Embroidery Tattoo – It can be permanent or semi-permanent. A template is used to to shape the eyebrow then the top layer of skin is cut.

Best Eyebrow Salons in Singapore

1. Allure Beauty Saloon – Known for eyebrow embroidery.
2. Benefit Brow Bar – Book ahead to have your brows waxed or tinted.
3. Bonita Beauty Salon – Packages include eyebrow threading.
4. Browhaus – They have almost everything from threading to brow resurrection.
5. Cindy Yong – Specializes in eyebrow embroidery and enhancement.
6. Erabelle – Has an Erabrow category for both men and women.
7. Highbrow – Specializes in everything about eyebrows from waxing to embroidery.
8. Perfect Brow House – They have 6D creative eyebrow and embroidery.
9. Pink Parlor – They offer various services including brow waxing and tinting.
10. The Prestige – They specialize in eyelash and eyebrow products and services.
11. Rupini’s – First to introduce eyebrow threading.
12. Strip – Has a good reputation for their waxing techniques.