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Museum Protocols in Singapore

July 18th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in About Singapore

Museums are important because they exhibit the country’s culture and history. In Singapore, anyone can enrich their minds by visiting the many museums in the country, including the National Museum of Singapore, Asian Civilisation Museum, ArtScience Museum, Peranakan Museum, Singapore Art Museum, 8Q SAM, and the Baba House.

If you plan to visit many museums, you should know the basic museum protocols. Ignorance excuses no one: so it is best that you behave accordingly so you have a hassle-free learning experience. Below are some protocols you need to keep in mind:


Photography and Video Recording: Any act of photography and video recording are strictly prohibited.

Vandalism: Writing anything in the walls, displays and other properties of the museums without the consent of the management is prohibited. Penalties will be given.   

Food and Drinks: Foods and drinks are forbidden inside the premises of the museums. Museums will designate areas for eating, like lobbies or foyers. There are some museums with restaurants or cafes where visitors can stay.

Hands-Off: It is important not to touch displays because it can damage them. Visitors can only touch interactive displays.

Noise: Refrain from talking or laughing loudly. Mobile phones should be set to silent mode. This is so that the other visitors are not disturbed.

Children: There is nothing wrong with bringing children but there should be an adult company. Running children are discouraged because they may break something or worse, they could get hurt.

Smoking: Museums strictly prohibit smoking within the premises. Aside from the smoke that can be inhaled, the smoke may even damage the exhibits. Smoking should be done only in designated areas.

Pets: Pets like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other animals are not allowed in any museum.

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