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Mandela: An Example of Change

March 7th, 2014 | Posted by Editor in Worldwide Hot Facts

Nelson Mandela may have left the world physically but his model of fortitude and influence remains. Mandela demonstrated to the world that a nation is possible to be healed and to be one accord if one’s mind is opened and that the essence of forgiveness is sought. nelsonmandela2

Being detained for 30 years, Mandela did not abandon the fight in the struggle against racism. He has held the capability of having the characteristic of a genuine leader and withdrew his personal prejudice. He brought his country’s pride by ending the system of racism of South Africa by not yielding into great outrage and revenge; these made him a true ruler. He said that if he would be given his freedom, he should let go of his contempt and ill will.

If he would not do so, he probably would still be a prisoner. In line with this, he admitted that he was not a martyr. There is a call for liberalism, open-mindedness and sympathy so that it would be realized that not everybody stand the same and that each one has a treasured belief and morals.

It is wrong to say that we all have similar prejudice, that we take control  over other people and be close-minded on others views. That is why the constitutional right to freedom plays a significant role. It is evidence that every human being has reason and should bear others. As the year is going to end, and as people live in different walks of life, everyone should know that the only stable in the world is change.

As political views rise, the past should not be hanged on to for it could only give birth to hatred and vile and would hinder the outcome of development. Mandela believed that a change in oneself would also change others in order to attain a democratic world. As he said, “One of the things I learned when I was negotiating was that until I changed myself, I could not change others.”


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