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Manage Your Acne Problems

July 20th, 2013 | Posted by Editor in Health and Wellness

Are acnes and pimples sprouting like mushrooms on your face? Having problems controlling them, or can’t control them at all? These simple methods will help control and treat acnes without having to pop and infect the spots.

Steaming – Certainly, one of the best ways to treat and get rid of pimples. Steaming the skin area will naturally eradicate the bacteria. But if you see the white stuff appearing on the spot, do not pop it. After steaming, gently rub the spot with clean towel and follow your skin-care daily routine.

Mint Oil – Mint oil is the reason why some people apply toothpaste on pimples. It closes the skin pores and acts as natural disinfectant, killing the pimple-causing bacteria.

Olive Oil – This is the most gently remedy for pimple and acne problems. Olive oil contains vitamins that help strengthen the skin’s immune system without clogging the pores. By leaving the oil on your face longer, you will achieve softer skin and lesser inflamed pimple afterwards.

Facial Scrub – If you’re really desperate to get rid of the bacteria out of your skin, natural facial scrub is a good alternative to popping. Scrubs contain vitamins and minerals which can help moisturize and disinfect pimples. Make your own home made scrub by mixing oats and honey.

Overnight Mask – Overnight masks are available in facial care stores or can be made at home. Make your own mask by mixing tea tree oil with honey. Overnight masks in stores are also good products since they are specially made to get rid of acne spots overnight.

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