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Let’s Get Physical: 5 Benefits to Morning Exercises

October 9th, 2017 | Posted by Editor in Fitness

With the busy hustle of work and personal life on the daily, it can be quite a challenge to make time for exercise during the day. This is especially true during the morning, where we squeeze a number of rushed activities like cooking breakfast in haste and preparing to go to work before the clock says you’re about to be late.

However, sweating it out while the morning sun is still up can be a wonderful routine to follow. Not only does it boost your positivity for the day but it also provides many other benefits other than just keeping you in shape.

• Improvement in productivity
What better way to start your morning than getting your endorphins on the move? Sweating it out early makes you more awake and puts you on an alert state of mind, both of which prepares you for the work you have to do for the day. Your productivity will be much greater. Giving yourself an extra energy boost will also help you accomplish more things!

• Most likely to turn into a routine
Results of various research show that people who exercise in the morning are most likely to become consistent exercisers compared to those who exercise later in the day. Our bodies get accustomed to routinized activities easily. If you manage to make it through the struggle of getting up early to stretch or jog, your body will enjoy the benefits it’ll bring in the long run.

• Less scheduling conflicts
With roughly 31% of Singapore employees opting to stay late at work, it can be a conflict to squeeze in time for some exercise at the end of the day. Sometimes, exercising after work can be a tiring thought in itself that you’d rather just go home and sleep your exhaustion away. You are less likely to skip on your vital physical health time if you get up early and do your workout session in the morning.

• Boost in metabolism
Continuously, you still burn calories even after your morning workout is over and done with. Chances are you will be burning a whole lot of calories for the whole day long with the increase in your metabolism rate. Plus, a study found out that doing a morning exercise session sheds more calories than an evening workout even if they are both at a similar intensity.

• Better Sleep
Working out in the evening can be a hindrance for you to doze good night. A lot of people toss and turn in bed for quite some time after an invigorating evening exercise session, as they are unable to quickly fall asleep with their bodies still in an alert and awake state. On the contrary, regular workouts during the morning can do wonders for your good night sleep!

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