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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful

September 19th, 2017 | Posted by Editor in Beauty and Style

Perhaps aside from celebrities, all of us could only dream of going to a hair salon everyday to have our hair styled. Fortunately, there are ways for us to keep our locks healthy and beautiful without spending too much cash or time. (Maintaining your hair will also allow you to enjoy the time and effort you have invested to have it styled at a hair salon in Singapore.)

Here are ways to keep your crowning glory healthy and beautiful.

1. Wash Your Hair Regularly

There are some stylists who will tell you that washing everyday will damage your hair, but this is not true. In fact, failure to wash your hair on a regular basis—especially during hot and humid days—will result to seborrhea or dandruff. There are correct ways to shampoo that in Singapore can show you, however, that you should observe so that you don’t expose your hair to a lot of chemicals. Use only a few drops of shampoo when washing, then use the tips of your fingers to massage your scalp gently. Next, rinse thoroughly in cold water (never use hot water!) before towel-drying your hair.

2. Invest in Good Hair Tools

What’s the secret of the best hair salon in Singapore in creating beautifully-styled hair? They use only the best quality hot tools on your hair. If you’re thinking of spending money on hair styling tools for your personal use, don’t hesitate to shed extra money on modern and improved models that will reduce the damage on your hair. There are hot styling tools that don’t dry hair and will require less time—and fewer burning accidents—to use. Keep in mind to use hot tools sparingly because these can still damage your hair faster than all the chemicals you apply to style your hair.

3. Know Your Hair Care Ingredients

Another secret to great hair is knowing what you’re applying on it whenever it’s styled. Most hair salon in Singapore also formulate their own products that contain moisturizers and strengthening proteins that prevent damage or restore the vitality of your over-styled crowning glory. Not all hair products will work for all types of hair, so make sure to talk to your stylist before making any changes.

4. Limit the Use of Dry Shampoo

There are a lot of hair products out there, including the convenient dry hair shampoo designed as an alternative to regular wet shampoo. While it’s okay to use it from time to time, your stylist at the hair salon will tell you that frequent usage can cause residue to build up on your scalp. The residue will cause itching and irritation and can even dry out your hair.

5. Slow Down on Salon Treatments

While it may be extremely tempting to go for another keratin treatment because of the great experience, even your stylist at the hair salon in Singapore will advise you to space your hair treatments. That’s because frequent exposure to chemicals can damage your hair instead of achieving the intended result of the treatment. The best hair salon in Singapore will usually give you a consultation before any procedure can be recommended. Ask about the correct spacing of hair treatments and other procedures and never lie to your stylist about any styling you have had because this may lead to wrong use of treatments that could be very damaging to your hair.

6. Stick to the Same Hair Care Products

Your stylist at the hair salon in Singapore will tell you that frequently switching hair products will not give you more beautiful hair. If you have found a product that works for you, stick to it and think only of changing if you think it’s not as effective as it used to be. The best hair salon in Singapore also manufacture their own hair products, so try those out if you want all-natural ingredients for your hair.

7. Limit Sun Exposure

This can be difficult especially you like walking and swimming, but try to limit your exposure to UV rays, salt water and wind. If this cannot be avoided, make sure to keep your hair moisturized and hydrated every time you go out or you take a dip. Treat your hair as you would your skin, because they are the most noticeable parts of your body.

8. Have it Trimmed

Even when you’re trying to grow your hair, it needs a trim a few times a year to prevent split ends especially if you style your hair often. Your trip to the hair salon will also allow your stylist to suggest treatments for any hair problem or to recommend a new hairstyle to fit your needs. If you can’t decide what hairstyle looks best on you, the stylist will be able to give suggestions based on the shape of your face and your lifestyle.

9. Keeping Your Child’s Hair Healthy

Teaching your child how to keep his/her hair healthy should be part of the health and hygiene lessons. The hair will reflect the child’s overall health so make sure that he/she knows how to shampoo, dry and comb the hair properly. Use products and tools that are safe for the child’s scalp and explain why some hair products are not appropriate for his/her sensitive skin yet. You also have to watch out for prolonged exposure to UV rays, salt and wind whenever the child goes out. A hat or cap will usually suffice as protection, so there is no need to apply chemicals that are made for adults.

10. Keeping Facial Hair Healthy

Facial hair is also difficult to maintain and needs the same love and attention that you would give to long hair. To find out the style that will suit you best, there are beard stylists at the hair salon today who can help you decide. Determine when you need to schedule a trim, especially if you’re still growing your beard. Don’t forget to wash it regularly and to apply conditioner, especially if you have a full beard.

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