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China Prohibits Songs  

September 17th, 2015 | Posted by Editor in Fun Facts


The beat and the lyrics make up the song. We cannot imagine life without songs and music in general. There are millions of songs out there but there are only a few who made quite a mark. Some songs are good, some are bad.


If the songs are remarkably good, it will live a few generations but if it speaks of ill contents or bad influence, it will be barred by the music industry or worse, the government. So, for song writers out there, the challenge is to make songs that will last for a long time.

In China, there are songs that are prohibited for its content online. There are about one hundred twenty songs that the government tagged ‘harmful’. Some of the songs include “All Must Die “, “Don’t Want to Go to School”, “Suicide Diary” and “No Money No Friend”.


These songs and some others are now being pulled out from the internet. The government also warned some organizations and establishment not to provide the songs which speaks of obscenity, crime, violence and morality. The blacklisted songs are from unknown artists.

For those who do not comply, they will be punished severely. In China, YouTube is restricted and inaccessible same with Twitter and Facebook. Other news organization like Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Bloomberg also claim that they are blocked. This kind of restriction somehow worked for China. We do not know if it will have the same effect here in Singapore.

Here in Singapore, we are lucky that the government gives access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The challenge here is to use them right.

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