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Rugby is relatively popular here in Singapore. In fact, Ablitt Cup, which coincided with the 68th Societe Generale Singapore Cricket Club International Rugby 7s kicked off on October 30, 2015. The line-up consists of team from Australia, South Africa and England. Last year’s champion, Borneo Eagles also joined the competition.


If we are a fan of rugby, we witnessed the game and understood everything but if this is new to us, there is nothing wrong if we allot time in learning everything about rugby. Rugby is a kind of football created in Warwichshire in England. It was created way back 19th century.

There are two types of rugby:

  • Rugby league: Rugby league can be an amateur or professional game which is overseen by Rugby League International Federation. For professional competitions, there are two main competitions – Super League and the Rugby League.


  • Rugby union: Rugby union can also be an amateur or professional game which is led by first tier unions like Australia, Argentina, Ireland, England, France, New Zealand, Italy, Scotland, Wales and South Africa. The second and third tier unions on the other hand consist of Venezuela, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Fiji, Japan, Peru, United States and many more. Rugby union is the most common and popular type of rugby in the world.

The two types of rugby share almost the same elements but they have different and distinct rules that distinguish them apart. Now that we know the types of rugby, we will not be confused when we hear one. Rugby is a fun game if we give it a chance.