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Looking back it’s funny to realize that most of our friendships were made because we were in close proximity with these friends – neighbors, seatmates, classmates, club mates, schoolmates, etc. As we grew older, we started opening up to friends beyond our close proximity and chose them based on other more important factors. They say your old friends – the ones you’ve had since school days – are your treasure friends for they’ve known you the longest and before you became successful. But reality challenges this friendship as best friends start working miles apart and hardly see each other anymore.

If this is your case, here are some practical tips on how to keep your long distance friendship alive:

Constant communication

It’s a blessed thing that we’re living in a digital age where long distances are made shorter. Whether you and your best friend are separated by countries or only a few cities within Singapore, it’s always good to keep in touch. It’s a general rule in all types of relationships to keep an open constant communication. You can just say Hi and ask how the other is doing or even talk about your day.

There are plenty of ways to do this, too. You can text, call, email, Vibe, Skype – there’s many more so you choose.

Regular updates

Most friends are delighted to find that they’re still able to talk to each other the way they used to even when they’ve been apart for so long. This is well and good but keeping your friend on the other side regularly updated of the important happenings in your life is also advisable. After all, this friend has known you the longest so he/she will understand you well. Also, wouldn’t you want to have a constant witness in the story of your life?

Sending Surprise Gifts

We’re physically apart from each other so it would take an extra effort to show the warmth and affection from our friendship. A simple Thank You card or a birthday package sent when it was least expected will surely make our friend’s day. It’s always nice to be sweet and even nicer to show our friend how much we appreciate their friendship. Those with real friends are really wealthy. So take care of these real ones.


Setting Quality Bonding Time

Setting a date schedule when you’re friend when one of you is in town despite your busy schedule is a confirmation of your importance to each other and how much you each value your friendship. Time is the best gift we give to our loved ones. Plan to create more fond memories together, too, by going on road trips or beach escapades whenever possible.

Just Be There

The hit TV series said it well – just be there for your friend. You may not be there physically but knowing that you’re just there willing to listen and talk anytime is already enough. It’s always great to know that there are people who supports us in whatever we’re going through.



Valentine’s is not a public holiday but it doesn’t mean it is not observed here in Singapore. Couples make time for this since it is only celebrated once a year. Fancy dinners to restaurants, bouquets of flowers and chocolates are the famous things during Valentines. Couples think of different activities to make the holiday more memorable.

This year, why not give your man an extraordinary gift? There are gifts for your guy whether you have been dating for three months or two years. You just need to be creative. Here are some gift ideas that you can consider for him:


Chocolate-covered bacon

Once in a while, we have to indulge our guy with something sinfully delicious say bacon and chocolate. Instead of giving him the traditional chocolate-covered strawberry, you can try chocolate-covered bacons. There are plenty of recipes that you can consider like bacon candy or brittle. Your guy will truly appreciate it especially if he has sweet tooth.


Girls can also give guys flowers but that would be too feminine. Guys want something manly and you have to think of plants that are versatile enough for them. In this case, you can consider cactus. Cactus will symbolize your love for him – it’ll last. Roses and other flowers will be gone but not the cactus. If your guy is clumsy, perhaps thorny cactus is not the best choice.


Wines are for celebrations or special occasions, which Valentines happen to fall. However, your guy doesn’t want that fancy drink. Sometimes, all he needs is just a beer. Any beer-related gift will surely be appreciated.


Men only need few accessories. They need sunglasses and that is equivalent to your sparkly earrings. If your guy has plenty of sunglasses, then it is time to choose other accessory staples like baseball caps and watches. These things are not that expensive so you don’t need to worry a thing.


Yes, you can consider man-gerie. Man-gerie comprises of boxer briefs as well as sweats. Your guy rarely goes out to shop for his underwear and boxers so surprise him with whatever you choose. When looking for the perfect man-gerie, do not forget to choose soft and appealing ones. Remember that he will wear it until it will disintegrate.

Gift card

Who said that pampering is only for the ladies? Men need to be pampered too. Start with his facial hair maintenance. If you can supply him with a gift card for his facial hair maintenance, he will be happy and feel handsome. Grooming should be encouraged.


Gift basket

After taking care of his facial hair, your man needs some personal pampering. Never look for bath sets because that sounds chic. Instead, look for man crates or dude gift baskets. These are great alternatives to the traditional bath baskets.

Rugged scents

There is always an appeal if your man smells good, right? You should make an effort to help him maintain it. You have to consider scents but never the sweet and floral ones because these are feminine. Instead, look for rugged and woodsy scents. If he doesn’t want scented candles, you can consider colognes that boast of sandalwood, spice and tobacco.

Mounted animals

Stuffed toys are just for females. Its male counterpart is mounted animals. It doesn’t have to be a genuine taxidermy. There are many fake ones and sometimes it looks cool too. However, it won’t hurt if you consider stuff toys.


How about a new phone or Xbox? If that is not too much for you, it is time that you give your guy this and play together. They say that playing together gives a different kind of bonding experience.

At the end of the day, the gift will not matter – expensive or not, it’s the thought that counts. As long as you are present on that day and the remaining days, it will be enough for your guy. Even the littlest gestures can be gifts to him. Remember to show love everyday not just during Valentine’s day.

If you have single friends, let them feel loved. After all, Valentine’s is not only for couples. It is celebrating love regardless of the kind. Celebrate with your friends and family if you still have time. Enjoy the Valentine’s!



No matter where you come from, marriage is something sacred and cherished. It is not a mere union of the hearts but it is a union of soul and lives of two different individuals loving and sharing each other’s life. It is the bond of togetherness held together by a sacred divinity from above. It’s more than living together, it’s being part of each other way beyond what an individual can ponder.


Different countries have different traditions in marriage. In Singapore, a hair combing ritual is practiced as a sign of the bride and grooms transition from becoming a man from a boy, a woman from a girl. This usually comes in many Chinese weddings with the belief of having a blessed and harmonious marriage life as a couple.

Various ceremonies are done all in the hope of blessing the oneness of the newly wed and to wish them a something good in their relationship. These ceremonies are done to ask blessing for the new chapter in life of two hearts beating as one.  But what is really needed to make your marriage a happy and lasting one? Here are five simple tips for a lasting marriage:

  1. Compliments are a must. Always find the beauty in each other. Complimenting your partner will help you maintain the harmonious relationship as husband and wife. Simple compliments like “You look lovely today” or “You cook so well” makes a big difference in your relationship. It is not only pleasing in the ears, but as well as feeding up to your partner’s heart. It’s the sweetest and simplest effort you can do to the one you love. Just simply state the lists of the attributes that you adore from your partner and the work is done. Try it, it’s free though.


  1. Always have time. Time is a luxury that no one can afford – but it is certainly the BEST luxury that your partner deserves. Your time is the best gift that you can give to your partner. Despite your hectic schedules, always find time to do things together like go out on a movie date, dine at a romantic restaurant or even going to the gym together. Basically just any activity where you and your partner can bond together alone. Try to do the old things you do when you were still not married – just go on a date like it’s the first night that both of you went out. You can also enjoy vacations with your kids, if you have, and do activities under the sun. Just go out there, and spend quality time.


  1. Surprises are good. Who says surprises comes in big boxes wrapped in a fancy-decorated wrapper with an enormous red ribbon? Surprises doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to be bought in a very expensive amount or the like. A simple breakfast in bed, after work massage or a candle light dinner after a stressful day may be simple but it’s the value of the effort and surprise that counts. Little things do mean a lot – and it’s the little things that counts big when added up. Your partner deserves to be surprised sometimes. It doesn’t just boost your marriage but it can also help you build that fulfillment at times.


  1. Keep the romance. Romance each other once in a while. Yes – you are married, and making love is one of the secret to keep your marriage to the beat. Have a dose of physical intimacy and maintain that heat between you and your partner. Romance is not only about sex though – you can cuddle close together, hold and feel each hands together, kiss the stress away to simply make things better. Intimacy helps a lot and even a simple gesture of love and affection can help things burn forever.


  1. Stay in-love. Time may pass, seasons may change, but love never goes old. What better way for a marriage to last is to stay in the love bubble. Always remember how much you love each other. Forever cherish in your heart the love you both have for each other, the love where you both lived, you both felt comfortable and the love that gives you the reason to live. Just keep loving every waking day of your life, like the vows you made to love and hold each other till you hold the last stroke of life.



Love comes in many form, in many means, and in many ways. Sometimes, it comes in the most unexpected kind, in a much unexpected timing.  Love sees no boundaries – it overcomes any catastrophes, any hardships and trials. There is the kind of love in that comes near, while there is also a kind of love that blossoms from afar. Love is a beautiful experience that everyone deserves to feel, because loving doesn’t only mean to love from just here, but even from a distant sea.


Long distance relationship is a very challenging idea of love. They say that considering the distance, this kind of relationship is not for the fearful but for the bold ones. They say this is meant only for those who are strong enough to overcome the test of time and for those who believe that everything is worth the wait. But loving in a distance is never easy, it is a bit of a struggle. For those who are battling a struggling long distance relationship, here are the three golden rules to keep your love together despite the test of distance;

  1. Trust is more than love. It’s really not the distance that breaks the relationship apart – it’s the lack of trust that does. You have to trust your partner because that is the essential part of loving someone from a distance. You can’t be there to know every single thing he/she is doing and you don’t have to stress yourself worrying too much about the negative things.

Learn to trust your partner. Learn to make your partner feel that no matter how many miles you are far away you still have faith on whatever he/she says because you love so much that you trust with all your heart. There is nothing sweeter than a loving couple giving full trusts to one another. Plus, you get to save yourself from stressing too much on the negative imaginations you have.

  1. Communication is a must. The foundation of a lasting long distance relationship is communication. It is what’s left for the both of you to hold on too. Always find time to communicate with your partner on a daily basis. It doesn’t mean that you should text, call or video chat every minute of the day (But if you can – then why not right?), a simple random texts and a good talk at the end of the day to catch up the things that happened to you for the whole day is a big thing in your relationship.


Though your partner is not around, you can still make him/her feel that they are a part of your life for you share the details of your day with them. Always remember that a failed communication can become a hindrance for a harmonious relationship. Try to give your partner the time – the time to talk about things, to laugh about a joke, to cry about the sad moments that happened in your day, to share your reviews on the movie you saw, basically just talk with each other. Never get tired of communicating because for the moment of your relationship, that’s the least you can do to make things last between the two of you.

  1. Patience is REALLY a virtue. Love, trust, and Patience equals a lasting relationship. The idea of a long distance relationship can be scary sometimes because imagine loving someone from far away and waiting for the time that both of you will be together again. It is full of uncertainties and trials, trust issues and one heart getting tired, but think deeply in your mind – you’ve come a long way for your relationship to last, would you break it just like that because you get tired? They say when the distance is over, you will be happy you didn’t give up. Well at least, you can hold on to that idea.

Keep the patience in your heart. Be patient to wait for the right time and for the right moment if you know that the person is truly worth the wait. Be patient to face each day without your love by your side at all moment because being there does not mean physically being there but find him/her in your heart that no matter what you do, you have that someone who loves you and got your back. Always be patient – because whatever you waited too hard, can be the sweetest reality you will get when that right moment comes.