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When we search for something in Google, there can only be two ways – we either give up or continue the search until we achieve our desired results (or until we are satisfied with the answer). Whatever may be the case, there is a new study conducted by University of Miami revealing that younger people are more likely analytical when researching for answers compared to older people.


The research asked sixty adults from ages eighteen to eighty five to complete series of cognitive ability tests. These tests can measure the skills of every respondent from reasoning ability, processing time and executive function.

The participants were asked to research answers using the internet. The questions revolve around health problems. The researchers then collated their responses based on their cognitive ability tests results, age and their internet experience.

The researchers found out that younger participants and those participants who scored high on the tests use analytical approach through manipulating the key words in search engines (like Google) until they are satisfied with the answer or until they achieve their desired results. It does not mean that older participants did not get their desired answers.


Older participants only took longer to complete the task. Their search were more efficient plus their answers were more precise than the younger ones. The study hopes to increase the search power of engines to cater to users with decline of cognitive abilities. The search engines should acknowledge that searching for health-related answers could be challenging for many individuals especially for older adults.

We can read the study in the Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making.



Summer is already here and each day is hotter than the previous one. The heat is distracting and uncomfortable. So, to be comfortable, we implore the help of air conditioners. However, if we are serious about decreasing our greenhouse gases emission, we will not use air conditioners. Fans are a better choice.


The good thing is that fans have evolved from the traditional rounded fans to bladeless fans with aesthetic value. Fans are now more appealing especially the bladeless fan. We see bladeless fans in many households here in Singapore. What makes bladeless fan appealing? Here are the things that we need to know about bladeless fan:

  • Mechanism: Unlike our traditional rounded and bladed fans, bladed fans boast of constant airflow. This type of fan blows air from a ring. We do not see any external blades, right? Blades are still present but they are hidden in the base of the fan. The air is drawn in by the fan in the base and then directed up to the ring. The air will come out of the crack.
  • Manufacturer: Bladeless fans were first created by Toshiba in the year 1981 but it was Dyson that claimed their bladeless fans produce constant airflow. Today, Dyson is one of the most popular manufacturers of bladeless fan. It was James Dyson, an industrial engineer, who efficiently made a bladeless fan. In fact, he named it Air Multiplier. The prices of the fans are dependent on the feature. Chinese companies began selling fans for much less. Before purchasing a specific bladeless fan, it is helpful if we implore the help of experts.


  • Multi-function bladeless fan: Dyson presents their bladeless fan with powerful air filter. Not all fans have air filters and air filters are usually found on air conditioners. Dyson developed bladeless fan with air filter that can sieve ultrafine airborne particles. Ultrafine airborne particles refer to pollens, viruses and bacteria that are less than 0.1 microns. The new bladeless fan is aptly called Pure Cool (AM11). The company claims that their bladeless fan can filter 99.95% of ultrafine particles. The filter is effective for only 4,382 hours or approximately 6 months of continuous use.

Now we know something about bladeless fan. So, the next time we choose a reliable one, we know what to look and we understand how it works. Bladeless fans are widely available here in Singapore so looking for models is not hard. The only concern is the price and it varies depending on the features.


Useful Apps for Outdoor Buffs

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The world is waiting. There are many fun things outdoor, we only need to indulge. If we are outdoor buffs, we need things to enhance our experience and make it worthwhile. The good thing is that there are many free things that we can consider for a successful trip here in Singapore or outside. Let us start by downloading free applications for our smartphone.


Here are some outdoor apps that we should consider:

  • Yonder: Yonder is part social network and part destination finder. The good thing about this application is that it gives suggestion, feedback tips and advice to users. The application has a database of more than twenty thousand state, national and local parks as well as other outdoor places. This application is available on both Android and iOS.
  • Project Noah: Noah is something different because it lets its users post their encounters with nature. Noah is set to build documentations of organisms. Noah is interactive because it can give users virtual patches that enable users to complete virtual missions. It is available on both Android and iOS.
  • gov Camping: There are many Singaporeans who love camping. Camping can help us look for a campsite. In America, the website simplifies locating and reserving of campsites. The app is not exclusive in America. As long as we type our address, the app can help us reserve sites nearby. This is only available for iOS users.


  • MTB Project: This application is for avid mountain bikers. Whether we want to explore a new terrain or memorize the old one, this application is the best one. The application gives users access to map trails over the country. This is only available for iOS and Android users.
  • Leafsnap: If we are hiking and we do not know the kind of tree we are looking at, Leafsnap can help us gather information. This application is developed by Columbia university and Smithsonian Institution. The application utilizes GPS location and recognition software. However, this application is only available in New York and Washington D.C.
  • GoFlow Sports: This application will give weather updates depending on the sports we consider. For example, we will know if the surf is up. This is only available for Android and iOS.

There are people who do not consider bringing their smartphones or any electronic device whilst outdoor because it can be a distraction. We should not see it this way. We have to understand the role of our smartphone. If we want the traditional things, we can also bring along maps and compass.


Bring In Summer to Your Home

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6 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Look Summery

With summer just around the corner, now is the best time to start revamping your space for the upcoming season. Wondering how to make your home look fresh and vibrant? Here are nine simple ways you can do to bring in summer to your home.


  1. Let the Outdoors In

One of the things you can do to get that summery feeling into your home is to incorporate outdoor beautifications. Place potted plants in the corners of your home, as well as by the windows. Choose flowers in warm shades of yellow, pink red, or orange.

  1. Update Flooring

Still have that old-looking drab carpet? This could be the best time for change! Replace it with vinyl, timber, bamboo, or laminate the flooring in breech tones or light oak to instantly brighten a room.

  1. Replace Seat Covers

Are your seat covers faded? Have them replaced and give your cushions the beautification they deserve. Pick slipcovers in colours complementing the room’s hues. Sticking to the room’s colour palette and using a variation of these hues add depth to the overall appeal of the space.


  1. Change Window Covers

Ditch the blinds and bring in the elegant look of curtains. Opt for neutral shades for a safer pick or muted pastel tones for a vibrant aesthetic. By simply changing your curtains can give any room whole new personality. Choose free flowing curtains over structured ones to gracefully capture gentle summer breeze.

  1. Switch Lighting Scheme

Cool white lights are a staple home lighting. However, they tend to suck the life out of a space. For a livelier living room, switch to warm white for natural-looking sunny glow. If you wish to keep your staple light bulb but want to add warmth to your home’s lighting, strategically place LED lights in some parts of the room.

  1. Get a New View

Summer is the time of the year when we all want to have fun outdoors, so why not offer a nice outdoor view from inside your home? If your living room centres on a fireplace or a big kitchen, rearrange the furniture to front a big window. Draw the curtains to the side to let the light freely stream into the room and allow the outdoor view to be the focal point of the room.

Redecorating for the upcoming season doesn’t require an entire furniture replacement or major house repainting. All you need to do is just a few reorganization and a couple additions of bits and pieces to welcome summer into your home.


In tropical countries like Singapore, the hot and humid weather can easily damage the exterior beauty of our homes. Frequent weather changes can cause the paints to fade and chip off, weakening the protected materials and diminishing the face value of the property. This is the main reason why regular house painting maintenance is required. However, exterior home painting is not just about beautification alone, several points need to be kept in mind in order to come up with an appealing home painting project. These points are:

1.       Pay attention to the color samples in store displays

When picking paint colors for your home’s exterior, do not settle on the color samples displayed in stores. Most of the time, these display palettes look totally different when already painted on walls. Make sure to bring along with you your painting services contractor to ask for advices about this matter. You can also purchase small cans of each color you like and have them painted in a small area of the wall where you intend them to apply. By this, you will see how the color transforms as the paint is applied and as the natural light hits the painted wall.


2.       Try to mix different colors to achieve desired shade

For mixing colors, it would be deal to let your painting services contractor do his wonders. They already have the experience to perfectly come up with a perfect shade of color by mixing two different hues. You can make your home painted by colourview painting services singapore stand out from the neighborhood or blend in by choosing the appropriate paint color for your home’s exterior.

3.       Consider fading issues when using darker colors

When using darker colors, consider how it would look like after several years. If you’re planning to use dark paint colors, keep in mind that these hues fade more easily than lighter colors. For example, darker shades of green, blue, and red fade easily and repainting small faded areas can be a bit challenging since you’ll need to look for exact same shade to cover a faded spot. Consult your painting services contractor if it’s really a must to include dark hues of paints.


4.       Make use of paints with added features

To further protect the exterior of your home, make use of paints with protective features. Since the exteriors of your home endure frequent weather shifts, applying a coat of protective paint will provide optimum protection to the house’s structural materials. Look for house paints that provide protection feature for your roof and walls.

5.       Hire a professional Singapore painting services contractor

All the above mentioned tips will be appropriately and correctly followed with the expertise of a professional painting services contractor. Remember that repainting your home with the right colors will not only give your home an instant face lift but will also provide protection to your home’s exterior materials. By hiring a professional contractor, you’re guaranteed to achieve beauty and durability for your home’s exterior.


The Need of Singaporeans to Sleep

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According to the report of the Philips Index for Health and Well-being, 35 percent of Singaporeans are not getting enough sleep. This makes an appalling impact on their physical and mental health.  Because of this reason, the Singapore Sleep Society and Philips, in cooperation with the World Association of Sleep Medicine, launch several campaigns to encourage the Singaporeans to sleep more and be conscious about all of the sleeping disorders that they may have.


What causes Singaporeans to deprive themselves from sleeping?

According to Dr. Lim, the reason why Singaporeans are not getting enough sleep is because, compared to working and being on the internet, they don’t feel like it is that important.  And since Singapore has an expeditious way of life, the sleeping disorder that they have is known as “voluntary sleep deprivation.”

What are the consequences of sleep deprivation?


  • It makes the heart weak. Those people who are not getting enough sleep have more chances of getting heart diseases and stroke.
  • It increases the production of stress hormones. Lack of sleep makes a person feel exhausted in doing an undemanding task.
  • It makes someone inactive. With no sleep, people feel sluggish. The energy levels are so down and mental alertness is shrinking.
  • It makes the memory debilitated. Not getting enough sleep makes the brain too lousy to construct our memories. Because of it, it makes a person hard to retrieve those memories in the future.sleep-3
  • It makes the body gain more weight. Those who sleep less have the odds of being overweight and obese. This is for the two hormones (Ghrelin and Leptin) responsible for modifying our appetite are affected.
  • It depletes energy. With not enough sleep, cells are not able to produce more proteins which are needed to repair damaged cells.

For the Love of Coffee

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For cold and rainy weather or even just for some quiet time by yourself, a cup of coffee can be your best company. Look through this selection of coffee shops and see where you can get the best cups of Joe in Singapore.

Jewel Coffee

Jewel Coffee has become a common hangout place for young executives around Raffles Place. Adrian Khong, the café founder, dressed his area with blackboards that has explanatory sketches on it, raw concrete floor, and a pale-wood counter completed with a lighted, cherry-coloured COFFEE sign. When you visit the place, don’t forget to try their signature drink, the Gibraltar. Served in a panelled glass, this concoction is said to be the delicious mixture of macchiato and latte.

Oriole Coffee Roasters

This house café has become one of the most favourite places for coffee drinkers. It offers great merchandises in addition to its onsite coffee roasting area and laboratory facility for coffee blend experimenting. Although it focuses more on craft drinks like flat white and piccolo latte, the café also pays tribute to the country’s traditional coffee shop culture with bric-a-brac and snack menu of local classics such as kaya toast and tau sar piah.

40 Hands

Tucked in the hidden corner of Tiong Bahru, 40 Hands stands out as the only trendy looking building among all the old buildings in the vicinity. This coffee house offers a large selection of sandwiches, including the famous Jamaican jerked pork sandwich, which is made of dark plum chutney, tomato sauce, smoked pork tenderloin with coriander, mango, herb oil basil, and mozzarella, and other weekend-only egg sandwich items. They also serve steamed bun which is fluffier, softer and definitely bigger pau than any other old favourite buns.