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Living with Knee Pain

June 5th, 2018 | Posted by Editor in Health and Wellness - (Comments Off on Living with Knee Pain)

No one wants to live in chronic pain, but age and other medical conditions can lead to chronic diseases that affect the bones in the body, such as osteoarthritis. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the disease, but the symptoms can be alleviated with lifestyle and attitude changes so you can continue to enjoy life like you used to before the knee pain started.

Manage Your Weight
You might be getting tired of hearing this all the time from your doctor, but losing excess weight will not just reduce the strain on your legs, it will also improve your health overall. If you’re having a hard time losing those pounds, talk to your doctor about coming up with a diet plan and a safe exercise routine.

Stay Active
While it’s tempting to stay in bed all day to avoid the pain, weakening your muscles from lack of activity can worsen the condition. Consult your doctor if you want to come up with a workout that is safe for your knees, such as cardio exercises that will strengthen your muscles, weight training, swimming, walking, stretching, tai chi, and stationary cycling. There are a lot of safe options out there, so there’s no excuse not to exercise. However, avoid activities that will injure the knees, such as jumping, running, lunging, squatting, and kicking too hard.

Avoid Accidents
It’s important to stay active to maintain your weight and strengthen the muscles that support the knees, however, you also have to be mindful of accidents that can potentially cause injuries. You’re more likely to suffer from falls because of the pain in your knees, so always be careful when using the stairs or walking on slippery floors. Do not be ashamed of using a walking aid or a knee splint if those will help.

Go for Comfort
Going out for walks is an important part of the treatment process, but it’s also essential that you dress comfortably for such activities. Wear quality, well-made shoes that fit comfortably to reduce the stress on your knees. There are also shoe inserts that you can use to add support to your legs while you move.

Listen to the Doctor
Do not ignore symptoms and wait for them to get worse. It’s better if you know what you’re dealing with so you can get the right treatment and still live a quality life. If you want to try alternative treatments such as acupuncture, they should go hand-in-hand with your medication, diet, and exercise for much better results.

Hack Your Way to Happiness: 5 Things That Naturally Stimulate Endorphins

October 5th, 2017 | Posted by Editor in Health and Wellness - (Comments Off on Hack Your Way to Happiness: 5 Things That Naturally Stimulate Endorphins)

We all have our fair share of bad days. When we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, it seems as if misery is all that we know and happiness is nothing but an abstract concept. These days may get difficult to deal with — but positive neurochemicals like the endorphins are partly responsible for our general well-being. The good news is? It is possible to hack our way into increasing them.

Healthy diet and exercise are only some of the common ways of boosting the body’s endorphins, the natural feel-good hormones, but this article will also present some other ways where you can enjoy a quick endorphin boost.

Vanilla or lavender
Have you ever wondered why common fragrance oils, air fresheners, or candles have common scents of vanilla and lavender? That is because they are some of the aromas which have been proven to effectively lift up one’s mood. They also increase the production of our body’s feel-good chemicals, endorphins, and in turn help in reducing anxiety and improving insomnia. Dabbing some of them on your wrist could go a long way for the day!

Ginseng has been shown to stabilize stress hormones in the body as well as improve the organs that make such hormones. Generally, the herb is known to benefit people who are feeling under the weather due to fatigue and stress. There is also evidence that it improves cognitive functions, concentration and memory. With that, muscles in the body use energy in a much more efficient manner.

As the old saying goes, laughter is the best medicine. Studies has shown it helps in lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and triggering the release of endorphins. It seems the more we laugh, the better our overall health becomes. It also gives us a better perspective in life as well as a general sense of well-being. Besides, distracting ourselves from our problems by laughing them away is practical and convenient. It’s free!

A lot of us chocolate lovers like to savor in the sweetness because it gives us a sense of bliss. As a matter of fact, it has been one of the most common guilty pleasures of many Singaporeans. Sure, it has a high fat content, but chocolate has been actually proven to be beneficial to the body if consumed in moderation. It is rich in chemicals that trigger more release of endorphins, hormones which promote pleasure and relieve pain.

Listening to the music you like has its own way of lifting up your spirits especially if you are feeling down. We all enjoy hearing music playing in the background, but to truly experience music means actively listening to it. It has been found out to be the perfect avenue to trigger joy and unleash chemicals in the brain which helps you feel good, like endorphins. As the old song goes, music makes the world go round.

Investing on the right alkaline water ioniser machine is certainly the best way to reap the benefits that are associated with drinking alkaline water. With the different types of products and machines, it’s now easier to manipulate the pH level of your water. Nonetheless, finding the right filtration system that suits your budget and preferences could prove to be a bit challenging. To help you deal with that, we listed down some of the important attributes you should consider before coming up with a decision.

1. Price

An alkaline water ionizer could get pricier than usual, but the good the news is, its price may vary substantially. Although some could cause a few hundred bucks, there are also others that can be very affordable. If you are unable or unwilling to spend much for a water ionizing machine, simply opt for pH drops and a pitcher of tap or distilled drinking water. This will save you a good amount of money, but do remember that paying more will give a large quantity of already ionized water.

2. Appearance

Although its appearance won’t make or break a product, it’s never a bad idea to opt for an alkaline water ionizer with great aesthetics. Choosing an unsightly machine will force you to hide it after each use. If you want your filtration system to sit on your countertop for eternity, you need to ensure that its features a beautiful design and cool style.

3. Weight and Size

If you live a rather hectic lifestyle or is always on-the-go, then you need to invest in an ionizer that provides portability. These machines from in Singapore often vary in weight, depending on their design. A water ionizer’s average weight would be anywhere between nine to 12 pounds, with the cheaper brand leaning on the lighter side of scale. Of course, it’s only generalize and you will need to research more if you want to be sure about the size and weight of the machine that you should get.

4. Production Quantity

A Singapore household tend to drink a substantial amount of water each day, causing them to need a bigger quantities of water. If you live alone, however, then you might not need the same amount of water. To find the right water ionizer for your specific situation, you would want to consider your daily water consumption. If you tend to drink more water, you would want to purchase a machine that is capable of producing alkaline water more rapidly. If you will be the only one drinking the ionized water, however, then you could settle for a less productive machine.

5. Flow Rate

Another important that you should focus on when choosing a water ionizer is the unit’s flow rate. This will tell you how much alkaline water the machine is capable of producing within a certain period of time. Generally, it will be measured as litres-per-minute ration. With this in mind, you need to ensure that you choose a machine capable of producing a flow rate that can accommodate your and your family’s needs.

6. Installation Procedure

Each water ionizing unit is different and some tend to be more user-friendly than the others. If you are unskilled with your hands, then you would want to purchase a machine that comes with a simple installation process. If the unit’s installation process is too complicated, you might end up feeling frustrated before sending the machine back. If other consumers already complained about the difficulty of installing the water filter, then you are better off looking elsewhere. Some specific models need the assistance of a plumber during installation, which means your total expenses for getting an alkaline water could substantially increase.

7. pH Water Levels

Although it would completely depend on the machine in question, it’s crucial to know that some water ionizers are capable of producing water in various pH levels. Some offer seven different pH levels, while others provide more options. Opting for an alkaline water ionizer capable of determining the pH level that suits your precise needs would be a good idea, but this extra feature could increase the machine’s price to a certain degree. If you don’t want to add in any extra expenses though, ensure that you know what pH level you specifically need before deciding on which machine to purchase.

8. Chamber Cleaning

Most water ionizing machines are fairly simple and only require the basic maintenance procedures. However, it would still require you to put in some effect to keep the machine functioning and running efficiently. If you are looking for the most convenient water filter possible, then you would definitely want to choose one that instantly cleans the electrolysis chamber after every use. This feature is rather rare and could add up to the product’s price, but majority of the consumers in Singapore will definitely agree that it’s well worth the extra cost.

9. Carbon Water Filter

Not that familiar with water ionizing machines? If so, then take extra time to research on each component embedded into the machine. Although it may not seem that important, it’s crucial that you look into the unit’s carbon water filter since it will be in charge of filtering out impurities. Most of the newer water ionizers available in Singapore already have a built-in carbon filtration system, so you should have no problems finding a model that suits your specific needs.

10. Warranty

When you are scouring through the assortment of water ionizers in the market, you will find that most of them come with lengthy warranties. You could even find an alkaline water ioniser machine that is protected by a lifetime warranty. Opting for a machine with this type of warranty will certainly provide a great help in protecting your investment for an extensive period of time. Although it should not be the only factor you need to consider, it’s wise enough to put a huge emphasis on the warranty of your machine.

Enjoying the benefits of alkaline water starts with choosing the right water ionizing unit. So be sure to put the aforementioned factors into consideration to ensure that you cater to both your and your family’s drinking water needs.

You may have seen a lot of beauty and health products that contain aloe vera such as shampoos, lotions, aloe vera gels, and ointments. That’s because aloe very is largely known to have healing properties in folk medicine. Let’s look more into its many uses.

The Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a tropical plant known for its medicinal properties. Its common name is also its binomial name. Aloe vera is known to host the Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus, and the two form a symbiotic relationship that allows the plant to use the minerals found in the soil more efficiently. The fungus thrives in the roots’ cortical cells. The fungus uses sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen and micro-nutrients in the soil.

Aloe vera is a stemless and short plant with thick green leaves. Some of the leaves have white specks near the lower or upper stems. The meaty leaves have serrated margins that look like thorns or teeth to some. Aloe vera also produces flowers.

In Singapore, there are some debates regarding the plant’s origin. Some speculate that there is no one true species of aloe vera and that it might be a result of hybridization. Most of aloe today are naturalized. Natural populations of the plant are nearly nonexistent. As it is also cultivated in different parts of the world, so it’s difficult to determine its natural range. However, there are several varieties and synonyms of aloe from in Singapore found throughout Asia, the Middle East and parts of Sudan and Somalia. Aloe was introduced to southern Europe and China sometime in the 17th century.

The Uses of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also grown as an ornamental plant because it produces beautiful flowers. It’s a hardy plant that can survive with less water and in sunny areas and even in environments with heavy snow or frost. In tropical places like Singapore, you have to be careful with too much exposure to sunlight as the leaves can burn. Make sure to drain the extra water in the pot because that can also weaken the plant. In winter months, the aloe has the ability to go dormant and must be kept indoors. It’s not only adaptive to different climates but it’s also resistant to a lot of insect pests. Just make sure to avoid crowded pots with too many pups near the older plant.

Aloe vera appears in ancient texts and is used in Ayurvedic medicine. Aloe vera in Singapore is used in desserts and beverages too. The aloe vera gel is a clear gelatinous substance. There are contradicting studies about its effects on the body when ingested, so make sure to read the labels when consuming food with aloe vera gel as one of the ingredients.

Aloe Vera Products for the Body

Aloe vera is processed into different products for the body. Most of these are obtained from the aloe vera gel or from the aloe vera latex. The gel comes from the inside of the leaves while the latex are from the substance below the skin of the leaves. Aloe latex is taken as a treatment for a range of diseases, including multiple sclerosis. Aloe vera ointment is used to treat various skin problems, while the juice is used as a substitute for cultured milk to keep the digestive tract healthy. In Singapore, it is also used in a lot of beauty products such as facial tissues, moisturizers, makeup, sunscreen, soap, shampoo, and shaving cream.

Health Benefits

Studies about the benefits of aloe vera are conflicting. While it is one of the most documented medicinal plants in the world, recent research has shown that the aloe vera can be toxic to the body.

Aloe vera is said to contain more than 200 vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help in digestion, nutrient absorption, reduce nitrates, and promote a healthy immune system. In particular, the aloe vera products hydrates and moisturizes skin, reduce the toxins in the body, ease joint and muscle pain, increase the antioxidants, promote healthy digestion by balancing the acidity in the stomach, and increase the digestive system’s nutrient absorption. There are a lot of testimonials from people who have benefited from aloe vera over the centuries. It is also mentioned in historical texts from the Egyptians to the early European colonizers. There is also a rumor that aloe vera was used as a salve for the victims of the nuclear bombs dropped in Japan in World War II.

Aloe vera contains 20 essential amino acids according to some research. It is also known to have 8 enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins A, C, E, B12, choline, and folic acid. Some of its minerals include potassium, zinc, and magnesium. Besides sugars, it also has 4 fatty acids, anti-inflammatory and healing hormones, and 12 anthraquinones. These properties allow manufacturers to use aloe vera in a lot of products from antibacterials, laxatives, anti-inflammatory ointments, antioxidants, and analgesics.

Side Effects and Interactions

While aloe vera has a lot of benefits, there are studies that orally ingesting aloe vera extracts can cause problems. It can be toxic at certain levels and might even be carcinogenic. Some of its side effects include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, low potassium levels, heart and kidney problems and decrease in absorption of nutrients.

When using aloe vera products, make sure to read the labels. There is a recommended dose of aloe vera not just for products that can be ingested but even the application of topical creams. Consult your doctor before using any product and let him/her know if there are any side effects. The aloe latex in particular is known to cause kidney and heart diseases, weight loss and diarrhea when ingested in high doses. You should not use aloe vera gel and latex if you have pre-existing health problems, pregnant or breast-feeding. These products should also be kept out of reach of children below 12 years of age.

As for any type of non-commercial treatment, any alternative medicine in Singapore, including aloe vera, must be taken with precaution. Aloe vera has proven to be beneficial, but only in controlled doses.

Despite getting a bad rap oftentimes, detoxing can actually be a perfect way to kick-start a new diet regime and give your body its much needed boost. Forget about investing in expensive products or resorting to hard-core deprivation. Instead, follow these healthy choices that’ll help in properly detoxifying your body and leave you feeling revitalized for a long-term.

1. Practise Juicing

Vegetable juicing, adequate protein intake, and drinking hot water with lemon are believed to support the liver function that helps the body detoxify itself. Consuming a good amount of organic wholefoods is also recommended to provide your body with good quality nutrients that’ll protect it against certain environmental toxins.

2. Ditch Sugar

When not transformed as energy immediately, refined carbohydrates and excess sugar could upset the balance of the gut bacteria in your body and cause you to gain some weight. To keep that from happening, gradually cut down your sugar intake and thoroughly check the food packets you’re purchasing to fully assess its sugar content. If you can’t seem to get rid of your craving for sugary treats, however, consider using natural sweeteners (such as cinnamon or honey) as an alternative to your processed flavourings.

3. Perform Gentle Exercises

Support the elimination of toxins in your lymphatic and respiratory system by performing gentle exercises like walking and yoga, or undergoing massage, body brushing and bathing in Epsom salts. As you exercise, your blood will circulate throughout your body, bringing with it the nutrients that both your muscles and organs need. Other than that, exercising also helps flush the toxins out of your body in the form of sweat.

4. Increase Your Fibre Intake

Maintaining a healthy and regular bowel movement is crucial for removing the toxins and waste substances off your body – and consuming a good amount of high-fibre veggies, drinking a lot of herbal teas and water, and ensuring that you have a balanced gut flora are all essential for maintaining this process.

5. Take Probiotics

The good bacteria in our body help us in breaking down food more efficiently and keeping us from accumulating gas in our tummy. So eat slowly, chew your food well and take a multi-strain probiotic to ensure that you have a healthy digestive system and a balanced gut flora.

Detoxifying your body isn’t about depriving yourself or investing in expensive products, it’s about making healthy choices when it comes to your lifestyle and diet. So be sure that you put the aforementioned tips to work to ensure that you’re cleansing your body the healthiest and most natural way.


We need sleep because it is the body’s way of recovering from all the exhaustion. Many people get quality sleep but there are others who are even terrified to fall asleep. For people who are terrified to fall asleep, they are suffering from chronic nightmare.


Chronic nightmare is different from having a bad dream. When we dream badly, we simply wake up from our sleep but there are people who wake in terror and continue to feel the terror throughout the next day. That is unhealthy and undesirable.

Chronic nightmare is common in adolescents and children but it may also strike during adulthood. The nightmares vary depending on content and themes but it mostly produces negative emotion like sadness, fear, anger and shame. This type of nightmare happens during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.


Chronic nightmare makes sound sleep almost impossible. It can set the stage for emotional problems like depression and anxiety. People who suffer chronic nightmares are triggered by posttraumatic stress disorders. It affects people who were exposed or witnessed violent assaults, natural disasters, combat, accidents and other terrible torments. If the person was not exposed or witnessed any terrible torments but still suffer from chronic nightmare, other reasons include alcohol abuse, sleep disorders, sleep apnoea and medications.

Now that we know things about chronic nightmare, it is time that we get the help that we need. There are many experts here in Singapore that we can come to for treatment or therapy. We should not ignore this as it may affect how we live our lives and it will also distress the people around us.


When we search for something in Google, there can only be two ways – we either give up or continue the search until we achieve our desired results (or until we are satisfied with the answer). Whatever may be the case, there is a new study conducted by University of Miami revealing that younger people are more likely analytical when researching for answers compared to older people.


The research asked sixty adults from ages eighteen to eighty five to complete series of cognitive ability tests. These tests can measure the skills of every respondent from reasoning ability, processing time and executive function.

The participants were asked to research answers using the internet. The questions revolve around health problems. The researchers then collated their responses based on their cognitive ability tests results, age and their internet experience.

The researchers found out that younger participants and those participants who scored high on the tests use analytical approach through manipulating the key words in search engines (like Google) until they are satisfied with the answer or until they achieve their desired results. It does not mean that older participants did not get their desired answers.


Older participants only took longer to complete the task. Their search were more efficient plus their answers were more precise than the younger ones. The study hopes to increase the search power of engines to cater to users with decline of cognitive abilities. The search engines should acknowledge that searching for health-related answers could be challenging for many individuals especially for older adults.

We can read the study in the Journal of Cognitive Engineering and Decision Making.


Between our Everest-size to-do lists, parents asking for help in downloading apps and phone calls from kids asking to get their toys in the attic, we could really use a day only full of relaxation. Luckily, we can now do so by simply tapping some apps on our phone. You guessed that right. Other than fitness and organizing apps, there are already hundreds of apps available to help us unwind, clear our heads and improve our overall wellbeing. Quite excited to try them out? Then start downloading the following apps now.


  1. Buddhify. While it’s named that way, you don’t necessarily have to be a Buddhist to use this app. Buddhify is actually a pretty neat app since it has a rainbow wheel of options that asks about what you’re currently doing and your current mood to recommend the meditation exercise that fits your needs. You also have the option to do a five or 30-minute meditation session depending on the amount of time that you can spare.
  1. Headspace. Change where your mind is right now with Headspace. This guided-meditation app offers a pretty comprehensive meditation education. The app also offers a 10-day free trial, and after that, you already get to decide on the amount of time and money you’ll spend on applying mindfulness to the different areas of your life.
  1. Earthlapse. In search for a fun and literally out of this world way of relaxation? Then Earthlapse is a must-try app for you. Not only does it offer new-age music, it also shows a lovely time-lapse photography of Earth as captured by the NASA astronauts. Other than that, you can also use its clock and worldwide weather info option to turn the app into more of a night-table companion. Truly the perfect way to step outside of your head for a couple of minutes, right?


  1. Stress Tracker. If you’re too stressed lately, then let Stress Tracker help you deal with your pesky stressors. Created by a team of researchers and psychologists, Stress Tracker aims to identify and relieve your daily pressures. The app works by tracking your moods, tension sources and things that make you anxious. By identifying and understanding the causes, you’ll now be able to avoid or deal with your stressors better.
  1. Omvana. Think of this app as the Spotify of yoga. Omvana works by letting its users choose a tranquil playlist, or even create their own tracks to get better sleep, relaxation and focus. This app is best to use if you’re having problems concentrating on your work or studies.

Dealing with every day stress is really tiresome. But by having these apps on your phone, you can now relax and experience peace with just a few swipes.